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The Usual Suspects Scene 9

Scene 9

Scene 9

  • The four criminals plan the boat job, sitting in a car and staring at the harbor. Based on how things look, they think it's an impossible task.
  • On the night of their mission, they survey the boat, observing what's going on in the harbor late at night.
  • Keaton tells Verbal that if he (Keaton) doesn't survive, he should go to his girlfriend and tell her that Keaton tried.
  • Keaton moves first towards the ship, and some of the guys from the ship intercept him and stop him. McManus waits with a sniper rifle as a bomb they've planted prepares to go off.
  • It explodes and Keaton and McManus both start shooting the members of the rival drug gang. Hockney takes a machine gun and does the same.
  • They climb onboard and occupy the ship, while Hockney discovers a van filled with crates of money. But he gets shot by someone…perhaps by Söze.
  • Verbal plays more of an observer role during the mission, and he explains to Kujan that he didn't run because he thought Keaton could pull it off.
  • Baer calls Kujan out of the office and tells him they found the body of a guy named Arturo Marquez shot to death on the beach—he was a drug dealer turned snitch who named Keyser Söze to the Feds.
  • Keaton's girlfriend, Edie, was his extradition lawyer.
  • Kujan goes back into the office, and tells Verbal that he knows there were no drugs on the boat—something else was going on.

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