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Thelma & Louise Scene 11

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Scene 11

Scene 11

  • Switch to Darryl and Thelma's crib, where Darryl, the cops, and the FBI agents are watching a security camera video of Thelma holding up the convenience store.
  • Darryl's face makes it clear that for him, this is not the Thelma he once knew. Thelma's seemingly well-seasoned hold-up style is pure J. D.
  • Louise thinks it best to know if the cops are on their tail, so she prods Thelma to call Darryl and hang up if it's clear he knows anything. A cheery "Hello!" on Darryl's end prompts Thelma to hang up. He knows.
  • Louise calls back and asks to talk to whoever's in charge. Hal tells her they're not wanted for murder, just questioning (though Thelma's wanted for armed robbery in Oklahoma—whoops).
  • Louise hangs up before they can trace the call.
  • During the drive Thelma puts it together that Louise was raped in Texas. She tries to talk to Louise about it, but she's met with pure ice from Louise.

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