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Thor Fandoms

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It Started with the Comics

Thor first appeared in Journey into Mystery #83. This bad boy was written in August 1962, which placed him right at the heart of Marvel's Silver Age Renaissance.

He got in on the ground floor, more or less, so when Marvel's characters began to get really popular in the comic book world, Thor was right there to bask in the glory, and became a founding member of The Avengers a year later in 1963.

Selling Him to the General Public

Before this movie, though, his appeal remained largely limited to comic book fans. They responded to the modern updating of old mythology, the dynamic storylines that weren't afraid to take chances, and the presence of writers and artists who became legends in the field: Jack Kirby, Neal Adams and John Buscema.

That left him as a niche figure…but one with a very dedicated base. And while he appeared outside of comics—in a few cartoons, an oblique reference in the movie Adventures in Babysitting, and a not-especially good TV movie called The Incredible Hulk Returns—he didn't have nearly the profile of Spider-Man, Superman and some of the more popular comic book characters out there.

That changed with this movie. Thor became a big hit, making a star out of Chris Hemsworth and introducing a whole legion of new fans to the God of Thunder.

  As such, his profile has gone way up, and today it's not unusual to see plenty of Thor toys, fanfic sites, and tumblr pages chock full of fan love.

Thor cosplayers show up at every big convention…and with the presence of a female Thor in the comics of late, the gals can get in on the action too. That's part and parcel with superheroes these days, but with the Marvel Cinematic Universe firing on all cylinders—and with Hemsworth onboard for at least six movies and maybe more, it's safe to say that Thor's fans will have plenty to keep them occupied before this god runs out of thunder. (Source)

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