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Thor Humility

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Thor's a lot of things, but humble ain't one of them. He has to learn all about it, since that's what keeping him from being a hero instead of a jumped-up frat boy jerk. In many ways, his hero's journey is all about teaching him humility, which he learns at the feet of a couple of plucky scientists who aren't exactly living the high life.

It helps him to be a better person (or god) and to use the power he has wisely instead of just kicking down doors and beating people silly. Humility is the key to growth and change in Thor, and what ultimately defines the title character's difference with Loki. (Besides a whole lot of brains, that is.)

Questions About Humility

  1. In what ways to Jane, Erik, and Darcy demonstrate humility? Does Thor learn from their example?
  2. Why is Odin so humble in comparison to Thor and Loki? What differentiates him form them on that front?
  3. How does Thor express his humility before gaining his hammer back?

Chew on This

Humility serves as the counterbalance to power.

Humility doesn't affect one's use of power one way or another.

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