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Thor Jealousy

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Loki's consumed by jealousy: of his brother, of his father, of everyone and everything around him. In fact, we could just repeat all of Loki's lines here and have the whole "jealousy" thing covered. And Thor himself gets a bit green-eyed when yearning for Asgard from his exile on Earth.

A lot of the drama in Thor concerns people wanting what others have, and they're defined not just by what they want, but how they resist—or fail to resist—the urge to claim it.

Questions About Jealousy

  1. Who is Loki jealous of, and why? How does that motivate him for good and for ill?
  2. How closely is jealousy in the film linked to other emotions, like pride and anger?
  3. How does the jealousy of the gods here reflect the jealousy you see in classic Greek and Norse mythology?
  4. Is Thor jealous of anyone in the film? If so, who and when?

Chew on This

Loki's jealousy sometimes leads him to do good things, even if they're for the wrong reason.

Nope, sorry. Loki is bad to the bone and his jealousy is a big part of it.

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