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Thor Morality and Ethics

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Morality and Ethics

Thor thinks he has this whole good guy thing figured out. Turns out, he doesn't know nearly as much as he thought he did: being a hero means a lot more than smacking monsters in the face.

Loki seems to be a bad guy—what with the lying and all—but turns out his sneakiness serves a greater good, too. They're both consumed with doing the right thing, but that tricky word—"right"—can be a lot more complicated than it first appears. These two brothers have a lot of learning to do…though only one of them ultimately picks up the correct lessons.

Questions About Morality and Ethics

  1. How does the film define ethical behavior?
  2. At what points do each of the characters – even the villains – behave ethically?
  3. How does understanding the moral grays of the world help Thor become a more ethical soul?
  4. Thor may act selfishly, but does he ever act truly unethically? And are the two terms one and the same.

Chew on This

Ethics are tricky and subtle according to the film, which is why Thor often struggles with them.

Ethics are very straightforward. Thor just has to figure it out.

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