Study Guide

Thor Power


Power defines Thor's life. The son of a king and wielder of the biggest doorknocker in the whole universe, he gets to use power both directly and indirectly. He finds it decidedly inconvenient when that power is taken away from them, and has to learn how to use it responsibility if he's every going to get it back.

Loki, too, is obsessed with power: mostly power he doesn't have and desperately wants. The irony is that Loki may actually have the makings of a great king and Thor doesn't, something that will need to be rectified before Marvel's famous post-credits cookie shows up.

Questions About Power

  1. How does the film contrast physical power (or powers) with political power?
  2. In what ways do Jane and her friends hold power over Thor in the film?
  3. Is power ever shown as being inherently good or inherently evil in the film? If so, when? If not, why not?
  4. How does power corrupt the characters? How does it redeem them?

Chew on This

Power is shown as a tool in this film: like Mjolnir, it's good or evil depending on how it's used.

Power has an inherent good or evil quality to it in Thor.

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