Point of View

Third-Person Limited/Omniscient

Technically speaking, the film uses the third-person omniscient technique—the fast-track way of delivering information quickly and easily. If you don't have a specific stylistic reason to try another technique, this works the best, and most films are happy to use it as their default setting.

On the surface, Time Bandits follows that formula, cutting back and forth between time and place as the story needs. And yet, in almost every case, there's one specific character at the center of it all: our hero Kevin, who is either directly involved in the action or close enough to effectively hear what's going on. The only exceptions are a couple of scenes with Evil, which provide us with some need-to-know stuff (like Evil's plans for the map). Otherwise, it's all Kevin, all the time, and that means that in most ways, this baby is a third-person limited kind of film.

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