What's Up With the Ending?

We're pretty fond of the ending to this one: it's not quite a Twilight Zone twist, but it's definitely the kind of ending that leaves you with some interesting questions instead of wrapping everything up with a neat little bow.

After finally helping to vanquish Evil, Kevin returns to his bedroom while his house is apparently on fire. It seems as if the whole thing was a dream—except that the kid is rescued by a fireman who looks suspiciously like King Agamemnon, and when he reaches into his satchel, he finds all the Polaroids from his adventure intact.

We're pretty sure it's not all been a dream, and yet there are still some questions lingering in the air. Is God just covering his tracks by making it all seem like a dream, even if it wasn't? Hmm.

We also have a big, weird finale, during which Kevin's parents find that last piece of concentrated Evil in their toaster and get blown up the moment they touch it. It's a shocking moment—Kevin is sure taken aback—but it also suggests that Evil is claiming its own. These two people, who are obsessed with their gadgets and gizmos and just don't care much about other people, including their own freaking son, finally find out what's really lying in the heart of their newfangled toaster, getting turned into a pair of little greasy spots on the ground as a result.

Poetic justice?

Well, yeah, sort of, though it does leave Kevin completely befuddled and more or less on his own. That's probably okay, though. He was on his own for most of the movie, and he seemed a lot happier that way than when he was at his parents' place. And with that fireman who rescued him giving him a friendly wink before driving off, we think that our young hero's adventures may just be beginning. Adventures that hopefully involve more than just surviving foster care and child protective services.

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