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Time Bandits Scene 1

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Scene 1

Scene 1

  • From the vast reaches of the universe, we pull into a modern home somewhere in Great Britain: plastic on the furniture, conversations concerning the efficiency of household appliances…a real drag.
  • Kevin (Craig Warnock)—who seems a lot more interesting than his parents—interrupts the suburban zombies who spawned him with fascinating historical facts from a book.
  • Kevin is promptly sent to bed for the effort.
  • Kevin is settling into dutiful sleep when a knight on horseback bursts out of his closet and gallops away through a portal in the wall.
  • Kevin gets right up to investigate the wall, now suddenly back to normal...because he's not insane and would like to know how, exactly, a knight on horseback ended up in his closet.
  • The commotion wasn't missed by his dad, who promptly enters the room to yell at Kevin to keep it down.

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