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Time Bandits Scene 10

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Scene 10

Scene 10

  • When Evil reveals the Most Fabulous Object in the World, Kevin knows that it's a trap. It looks just like the kitchen appliances on the game show his parents watch...complete with his parents enticing them all on.
  • The dwarves don't listen and instead dash with great speed toward their doom.
  • Evil takes the map from Randall's hands and imprisons them all in a large iron cage suspended over a black abyss.
  • Kevin looks through his photos and realizes that one of the photos has a very clear image of the map.
  • There is a gigantic hole in the universe just below.
  • Our heroes get to work escaping, and they free themselves in short order.
  • Finally free, they decide to get going, but Kevin points out that if they leave the map with Evil, he will destroy the world.
  • Evil is indeed a man with a plan: he waxes rhapsodic on his grand plan for creation while the gang figures out what to do next.
  • Og successfully grabs the map, but Evil catches him during his escape and transforms him into a pig-headed man.
  • Kevin has a plan: he and Og will distract Evil while the others go find help to defeat him.
  • Like all great villains, Evil just can't help but monologue.
  • At Kevin's goading, Evil destroys all of his own minions and then uses the distraction to take back the map.
  • Evil is just about to destroy Kevin when Strutter appears with a bevy of knights.
  • The other dwarves appear with cowboys, Greek archers, a rocket ship armed with a laser, and Randall piloting a tank.

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