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Time Bandits Scene 11

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Scene 11

Scene 11

  • One by one, the forces brought by the dwarves attack Evil.
  • One by one, Evil defeats them: first the cowboys, then the archers, then the knights.
  • Randall and Wally (Jack Purvis) attack, but Evil—with his interest in technology—easily takes control of their vehicles.
  • One of the other dwarves, Fidgit (Kenny Baker), sadly gets caught in the crossfire and is crushed beneath a falling column.
  • All seems lost, and Evil gets ready to destroy them all...until a massive explosion turns Evil into stone.
  • The Supreme Being appears, rather matter-of-factly, before taking the form of a befuddled old man in a suit (Ralph Richardson).
  • The Supreme Being restores Fidgit to life and commands the other dwarves to tidy up the place.
  • Randall apologizes for stealing the map, but it was clearly all part of the plan: a plan to test Evil.
  • Kevin is quite bothered that so many had to die to prove the Supreme Being's point, but he dismisses Kevin's concerns with some vague words about free will.
  • The statue of Evil explodes, leaving Evil fragments everywhere, which the dwarves scurry to pick up.
  • The dwarves miss one hidden piece.
  • Fidgit tries to take Kevin with them, but the Supreme Being departs with the six, leaving Kevin alone as smoke from the lost piece of Evil billows into the room.
  • Kevin wakes in his bed; his house is on fire.
  • Kevin is pulled to safety by a nice fireman...who looks a lot like Agamemnon.
  • Kevin's parents try to get into the house to save the toaster but show no concern for Kevin's safety.
  • The fire department salvages the toaster that caused the fire, and it has a tiny gift inside: the missing piece of Evil.
  • Kevin tells his parents not to touch it. Naturally, they ignore him...and are instantly vaporized by the piece.
  • The fireman winks at Kevin, then drives away, leaving him alone in the rubble of his house.
  • We pull back into the cosmos until we see the map, rolled up by the Supreme Being and removed.
  • Roll credits.

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