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Time Bandits Scene 2

Scene 2

Scene 2

  • We get another small moment of family bonding the next morning, as Kevin's parents fuss over the faulty kitchen appliances and ignore their son.
  • Kevin is desperate to be excused to go to bed to wait for another phenomenon.
  • Kevin eventually gets his wish; this time, he is armed with a flashlight and a Polaroid camera.
  • No knight arrives, and Kevin slips into sleep as his parents head off to bed.
  • The wardrobe opens as six little people emerge.
  • Kevin turns on his flashlight, causing pandemonium among the little men.
  • The little men's leader, Randall (David Rappaport), steps up to explain—to someone who is clearly not Kevin, someone they are clearly rather scared of.
  • When Kevin speaks up, he is savaged by the little men for not being whoever this other person is.
  • Randall starts giving orders, and a confused Kevin watches as the other dwarves start pushing against his bedroom wall.
  • The wall gives way, and Kevin watches as his room transforms into a long corridor.
  • A giant light appears from the opposite end of the room, and an enormous head warns them all of danger.
  • Kevin runs down the corridor behind the dwarves as the wall disappears and they're thrown into oblivion.

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