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Time Bandits Scene 5

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Scene 5

Scene 5

  • A noble couple, Vincent and Pansy (Michael Palin and Shelley Duvall), discusses their odd problems—and love for each other—just before the gang suddenly materializes in their carriage.
  • The dwarves celebrate their first great heist while the nobles flee, leaving another nice stash of riches to add to the victory pile.
  • Kevin is shocked to discover that the group's status as international criminals is a new thing.
  • The men like Kevin and ask if he'd like to join them. Randall then begins to explain their predicament.
  • The six seem to be angels of sorts—scruffy, short, wingless angels who act as low-level employees of the Supreme Being.
  • The men were sent to the repairs department—armed with a map depicting all of creation—to fix those time holes (the portals that let them move through time and space). In an act of rebellion, they decided to steal the map for themselves and get rich with it.
  • Kevin takes a picture of the six with the map to commemorate their success.
  • A scream bellows through the forest. The men are thrilled to find thugs robbing Vincent and Pansy.
  • The men decide to follow...right into a trap.
  • The thugs and Randall have a sweet moment of shared interests before they are released. Randall insists on seeing their boss.
  • Back at their camp, Kevin is quite impressed to meet the boss: Robin Hood (John Cleese).
  • Mr. Hood introduces himself to the gang and gladly accepts the generous donation of their riches for the poor—despite the fact that they never said he could have it.
  • Robin Hood offers Kevin a place in his gang, but things aren't exactly going according to plan, and the six dwarves grab Kevin and depart, leaving their riches behind.

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