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Time Bandits Scene 6

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Scene 6

Scene 6

  • The six argue about their failed endeavors and the mess they've gotten themselves into...but someone is watching.
  • Evil (David Warner) watches and plots from his prison in the Fortress of Ultimate Darkness, where the Supreme Being has placed him.
  • Evil's toadies make some bad word choices, and he responds by blowing them up.
  • Evil is very excited that the six are carrying the map, which could allow him to remake the universe if he could get his hands on it.
  • Evil sets to controlling the weakest mind among the dwarves: Og (Mike Edmonds), the quiet one.
  • Og, under the control of Ultimate Evil, tells the band what they should do to find the Most Fabulous Object in the World.
  • Kevin questions the plan, and Evil loses his grip on the gang.
  • The Supreme Being appears in an underlit floating head form.
  • Kevin flees, and in the confusion, he goes through the wrong time hole.

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