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Time Bandits Scene 7

Scene 7

Scene 7

  • An ancient warrior battles a half-man, half-bull monster amid desert ruins.
  • Kevin falls from the sky directly onto the monster, allowing the warrior to hurl a broken spear into its belly and slay it.
  • The warrior (Sean Connery) thinks that surely the gods have sent the boy.
  • Kevin wants to wait for his friends, but he has second thoughts when the warrior heads off.
  • Kevin and the warrior arrive at a great ancient city, greeted with gifts and cheers from the people within.
  • The warrior is King Agamemnon. His queen is most upset with them; she's staring daggers at both of them from a distance.
  • The king delights Kevin by teaching him magic tricks and talking with him the way a real parent would.
  • Kevin takes pictures of all the wonderful things in the city; he wants to stay, but the king hasn't decided yet.
  • One morning, Kevin is snatched from his bed by masked men. They lead him, blindfolded, to a horse.
  • Kevin rides through the streets to a room full of people.
  • Party time. Agamemnon is throwing a shindig to announce that he is adopting this strange boy who saved his life.
  • Masked performers enter the room to sing and dance.
  • Suddenly, the performers split in half: it's the dwarves, to the "rescue."
  • The dwarves rob Agamemnon blind and congratulate Kevin on his involvement, despite the fact that Kevin doesn't want to leave.
  • The gang absconds with Kevin, and they all disappear into yet another hole, leaving Agamemnon and his court perplexed.

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