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Time Bandits Scene 9

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Scene 9

Scene 9

  • They plummet into another ocean and are quickly captured by a monstrous ogre and his doting wife (Peter Vaughan and Katherine Helmond), who plan to make a meal of them.
  • Our heroes outwit their captors easily and throw them overboard, sailing the ship into oblivion.
  • The ship soon strikes something solid. Unfortunately, that solid thing is the head of a giant who has just found himself a nice, new hat during his swim.
  • The giant emerges onto land, stepping on a fishing hut where a couple of...things are engaged in a seemingly normal domestic squabble.
  • With a bit of ingenuity, the gang concocts a sleeping draught from the apothecary supplies available in the galley and quickly administers it directly onto the giant's scalp.
  • The giant is good enough to remove his hat before he settles into a good, long nap, allowing the group to escape yet again.
  • Our heroes walk through a vast desert until an invisible barrier halts them in their tracks.
  • Randall is elated, declaring that they have finally arrived at the Fortress of Ultimate Darkness. A little spat and a well-placed hurtling skull break the barrier.
  • The group wanders into Evil's trap.

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