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Titanic Summary

Titanic Summary

Are you seriously crying already? The movie hasn't even started yet.

The movie starts out in the present day (well, present day in the dark ages of the 1990s). A guy named Brock Lovett (Bill Paxton) is heading up a crew of people searching for some kind of treasure in the wreck of the legendary Titanic. During one of the dives, he thinks he's found it, hauling a safe up to his boat and making a big ceremony out of opening it…

However, when he opens the safe, there's nothing inside. Lovett and the crew are bummed out, of course, but they do find a drawing of a woman apparently wearing what he's looking for: a very large diamond (and nothing else: yowza).

Lovett ends up on the news talking about his hunt for the diamond and the discovery of the drawing. An old woman sees him and gives him a call—because she's the woman in that drawing.

Not everyone in Lovett's crew is convinced the old woman is telling the truth, but they fly her out and on to the ship—presumably in case she knows where the diamond ended up after the sinking. Once she's all aboard, she settles in and tells them the story of her trip on the Titanic

While a lot of her fellow passengers on that ship were pretty hyped up to sail on the "unsinkable ship," she was in a major funk when she boarded. It seems she was not looking forward to going back home and marrying her beau, Cal (Billy Zane). She was traveling with said fiancé, his valet Lovejoy (David Lovejoy), and her mommy dearest.

While the audience sees young Rose getting dragged onto Titanic, a guy named Jack is playing in a poker game—and tickets to get on the Titanic are in the pot. He wins the game on a full house, and so he and his friend Fabrizio have to rush to make it in time—but they get on board.

It turns out that the Swedish dudes who lost the poker game ended up winning…their lives.


Rose and Jack meet when Jack comes upon Rose trying to work up the nerve to throw herself off the back of the ship. Yes, that's how miserable she is. He succeeds in convincing her to come back over the railing, but she slips in the process. Jack hauls her back on board, landing on top of her—and of course, this is when other people come upon them and entirely misunderstand the situation.

A crowd gathers that includes the crew, Cal, and Lovejoy, and Rose is (of course) reluctant to explain what she was actually doing. However, as the crew prepares to detain Jack for trying to assault her, she manages to come up with a story about how she leaned too far overboard staring at the propellers, and Jack saved her.

As a result of all this, Cal ends up inviting Jack to dinner with them as a thank you. Lovejoy, however, doesn't seem convinced that Jack is the big hero everyone is making him out to be. In fact, he seems to have taken an immediate dislike to the boy.

And hey, fair enough, since Jack quickly ends up stealing Rose's heart away from Lovejoy's boss. He takes Rose dancing down below deck with the other steerage passengers, draws her nude in her suite (resulting in the drawing that Lovett finds many years later), and then they end up getting frisky in the cargo hold, in the backseat of a car (proving that people have been sexing in the backseats of cars since cars with backseats were invented).

When Cal realizes what's happening, he's super unimpressed.

Meanwhile, as all this love drama is going on, Titanic is having her own woes. In an effort to make a big "splash," the ship's powers-that-be had agreed to speed the ship up and reach New York earlier than expected. That would have been super impressive...

However, that extra speed makes it a lot harder to spot icebergs in time to do anything about them, and so Titanic ends up smacking into one. Unfortunately, that creates enough damage that the ship's builder, Mr. Andrews (Victor Garber), realizes that Titanic is definitely going to sink in an hour or two, despite the crew's best efforts to save her.

Evacuation efforts kick into gear, but they're pretty disorganized and favor the richer passengers. Lots of the steerage passengers end up locked below deck as the water flows up through the bottom of the ship, and the crew loads lifeboats pretty sparsely—wouldn't want to overcrowd the posh folks, after all.

As the boat sinks further and further, and it becomes clear that most people aren't going to make it into a boat, panic sets in. Despite her indiscretions with Jack, Cal makes an effort to get Rose and leave with her.

Rose and Jack don't make it onto lifeboats, and so they go down with the ship—literally. However, they manage to avoid drowning, and they find a door that Rose can float on (apparently, it can't withstand both of their weights). They wait for some of the lifeboats to come back for them once the sucking motion of Titanic's sinking dies down, but that takes a lot longer than expected.

When a lifeboat finally comes back to look for survivors, it appears that most people have frozen to death in the water. Rose is still alive, but apparently a little delirious, and she becomes extremely agitated when she realizes that Jack has frozen to death in the water beside her. She appears almost ready to give up, but then she remembers that she made him a promise to keep going no matter what—"I'll never let go, Jack!"—and so she manages to get the attention of the lifeboat that returned.

When she makes it to New York on the boat that picked up survivors, she gives her name as Rose Dawson as a tribute to her lost love.

Back in the present, Rose's story seems to have made an impact everyone listening, even Lovett, who had previously just treated the Titanic as an opportunity to look for treasure rather than a tragic story of human loss. He seems ready to abandon the search for the Heart of the Ocean.

Which is ironic because—surprise—it turns out the diamond is actually on board with them. Rose has had it all this time, since Cal stuck it in the pocket of a coat he gave to her to keep her warm during the sinking. After telling her whole story to Lovett and company, she sneaks out of her cabin in the middle of the night and drops the diamond off the side of Lovett's boat.

The movie ends with Rose apparently dying in her sleep, surrounded by photos of the adventures she had after the Titanic trip, and being reunited with Jack (and other dead Titanic passengers) in the afterlife.

Okay, it's acceptable to be crying now.

  • Scenes 1-5

    Scenes 1-5

    Scene 1

    • The film opens on what looks like historical footage of the Titanic leaving port. Then we simply get the title over dark ocean water. 

    Scene 2

    • Some exploratory ocean craft are descending through the ocean with their search beams in full force.
    • Back in the control room for the sea craft, a crew member is monitoring a search. The craft approach a ship.
    • Whoa, we bet this is the wreck of the Titanic—wild guess, we know, given the title of the film.
    • The craft go exploring the ship, and the dude leading this search is photographing his observations.
    • They end up in the former bedroom of someone named Cal Hockley, and the crew leader has the man at the controls look under some debris.
    • They find a safe, and everyone is very excited.
    • "It's payday, boys," he says with a smile.

    Scene 3

    • Now we're up above on the ship's deck, where the crew of explorers has just lifted up the safe and are preparing to open it.
    • Everyone is super-excited and in a celebratory mood.
    • However, when the safe is opened, the search leader doesn't seem to find what he's looking for in all the gunky, watery mess inside the safe.
    • "No diamonds," says one of the crewmembers.

    Scene 4

    • The crew head, Mr. Lovett, is talking to someone named Dave about his failure to find "It."
    • In the background, some techs are washing the contents of the safe.
    • Mr. Lovett stops when he sees one of the techs cleaning off a drawing of a nude woman featuring a large diamond necklace, which is similar to one in a photo that Lovett has up on the wall.
    • Hmm, we guess this diamond is what he's looking for.

    Scene 5

    • An older woman and her daughter are having a peaceful day.
    • The older woman hears Lovett on TV talking about the diamond, and she gets up from her pottery wheel to go look.
    • She sees the drawing of the nude woman and it seems to mean something to her.
  • Scenes 6-10

    Scenes 6-10

    Scene 6

    • Lovett gets a phone call, and it's the old woman, whose name is Rose Calvert.
    • She asks him if he's found something called "The Heart of the Ocean."
    • She announces that she is the woman in that drawing.

    Scene 7

    • Rose is being helicoptered onto the ship.
    • Lovett's partner is yelling at him that this woman must be lying.
    • However, Lovett counters that everyone else who knew about the diamond is dead or on that ship.

    Scene 8

    • Rose settles in and asks to see "her drawing."
    • Lovett, Rose, and her granddaughter, Lizzy, talk about the diamond and its history.
    • He asks if she's ready to go back to Titanic.

    Scene 9

    • Mr. Bodine, Lovett's partner, gives Rose a 3D graphic rendering of Titanic's sinking, ostensibly to prep her for relaying her version of events.
    • It's a nice three-minute scientific overview of what we're about to witness over the course of three hours.
    • Then Lovett asks for Rose's version of events.
    • Rose looks at the images of the Titanic on the screens and is overcome with emotion, but she dives in, so to speak…

    Scene 10

    • Flashback time.
    • The image of the sunken ship morphs into how it looked in 1912. It seems we've flashed back to the day Titanic left Southampton.
    • A car drives up and a beautiful young girl (Kate Winslet) gets out.
    • It's young Rose.
    • She's with her mother and some other dude. She's not that impressed with the Titanic, and her boyfriend is exasperated. The party boards the ship.
    • It seems that she wasn't real thrilled to be traveling that day…we're guessing she doesn't like her boyfriend that much
  • Scenes 11-15

    Scenes 11-15

    Scene 11

    • Now we're with some men at a card game in a nearby pub.
    • At stake? Tickets to get on the ship.
    • A guy named Jack Dawson (Leonardo DiCaprio) and his friend Fabrizio win the tickets on Jack's full house, and they have to run to make the ship.
    • The ship departs, and Jack and Fabrizio go to find their rooms, which aren't super posh.

    Scene 12

    • Meanwhile, Rose and Cal are settling into some nice digs.
    • Rose is arranging some modern paintings that Cal despises by "Something Picasso." Cal says he'll amount to nothing…

    Scene 13

    • We get a brief glimpse of someone named Molly Brown (Kathy Bates) arriving on the ship.
    • Then, we cut to the next day, when the crew's bringing the Titanic up to cruising speed now that they're really at sea.
    • We get a montage of shots around the ship as the crew works together to show what the giant ship can do.
    • Jack and Fabrizio are running around to the front of the ship, still enjoying their luck at hitching a ride. Yes, "luck" is what they think this is. For now.
    • They stare off the front of the ship, and then Jack does that famous "I'm the king of the world!" bit

    Scene 14

    • Now someone called Mr. Ismay is holding forth to Rose, Molly Brown, Rose's mother, and Cal about the Titanic at lunch.
    • The ship builder, Mr. Andrews, is also there.
    • Rose gets annoyed and sarcastic about Mr. Ismay's obsession with the Titanic's size, so she excuses herself.

    Scene 15

    • Up on the deck, Jack is drawing and making a new friend named Tommy Ryan. Suddenly, he spots Rose as she comes out from lunch.
    • She spots him too.
    • Tommy tells Jack to forget about her—he has no chance, Tommy says.
    • Then, Jack sees Cal come back and force Rose back inside.
  • Scenes 16-20

    Scenes 16-20

    Scene 16

    • It's dinnertime. Older Rose narrates over images of young Rose sitting there, miserable.
    • Suddenly, we see young Rose running away from dinner, sobbing and barreling into people as she goes. As she runs, she passes by Jack relaxing on a bench.
    • She reaches the back of the ship and contemplates jumping over. She climbs over to the other side of the railing and prepares herself for a final leap.
    • Suddenly, Jack is there. He tells her not to jump.
    • He tries to get her talking and emphasizes how cold the water below is likely to be.
    • He tells her he'd have to jump in after her, so he's hoping she'll change her mind.
    • She does, and he starts to help her over the rail.
    • However, she slips, and Jack has to grab her to prevent her from going into the water. Things are looking a little dicey, but she manages to scramble back over the side.
    • Some of the crew heard her scream, so they come running.
    • Of course, by the time they get to her, Jack's pulled her over the rail, but he's tumbled on top of her…which gives the crew the wrong impression of why she was screaming.

    Scene 17

    • Hockley and friends have now joined the pair, and the crew is handcuffing Jack.
    • Rose finally manages to clarify that he was trying to help, coming up with a lie about falling over by accident and Jack coming to her rescue.
    • Cal invites Jack to dinner to thank him.

    Scene 18

    • Cal comes to Rose and, in an effort to cheer her up, gives her a giant blue diamond called "The Heart of the Ocean."
    • He is hoping she'll now "open [her] heart" to him.

    Scene 19

    • Jack and Rose are walking on the deck and chatting, and Rose fills Jack in on why she was thinking of jumping off the ship.
    • The short version is that she and Cal are getting married…and she doesn't seem to want to.
    • Jack asks Rose if she loves Cal, and she gets angry.
    • She claims she's going to leave in a huff…but she doesn't.
    • Instead, she starts checking out Jack's drawings and marveling at how good they are. Jack tells her the stories of some of his subjects.

    Scene 20

    • Now we're with Rose's mother, who's having tea with some other stuffy ladies.
    • Molly tries to join them, and they try to avoid her.
    • However, she follows them out to take in the air on the deck.
    • Meanwhile, Ismay and the captain are talking about whether Titanic should speed up so they can show up early in NYC and really impress the papers.
    • Oh, yeah. That's a great idea.
  • Scenes 21-25

    Scenes 21-25

    Scene 21

    • Jack and Rose are still on the deck talking, and things are getting friendlier than ever.
    • He offers to give her spitting lessons. Unfortunately, her mother and the other ladies come along as she's trying to get the hang of it.
    • She introduces Jack to her mother and the ladies. Rose's mother is less than impressed.
    • Rose goes to dress, telling Jack she'll see him at dinner.
    • Molly realizes he hasn't really given much thought to what he's getting himself into, so she takes him back to her rooms to get him some appropriate clothing, and he heads out to dinner.

    Scene 22

    • Jack meets Rose at the grand staircase.
    • Cal and Rose's mother walk right by Jack, not recognizing him in his new clothes.
    • Rose arrives and catches Jack practicing how to say hello as a gentleman.
    • He kisses her hand, since he once saw that move in a movie. It's a pretty slick move.
    • They join up with Cal and Rose's mother. He says Jack could "almost pass for a gentleman." Cal is the king of insults, n'est-ce pas?
    • Rose points out various other partygoers and introduces him to John Jacob Astor.
    • Now we're at dinner, where Jack is trying his best not to embarrass himself.
    • Molly gives him some tips, because she's awesome like that.
    • Rose's mother is doing her best to demean and make fun of Jack, but he keeps his temper and good cheer, and his mantra about making every moment count inspires a toast.
    • After dinner, the men decide they're going to leave for the smoking room, but Jack declines.
    • He slips Rose a note to meet him at the clock and "make it count."
    • When she arrives, he asks if she wants to go to a real party.

    Scene 23

    • Now they're down on the lower decks, where the third-class passengers are partying hard with lots of dancing and beer.
    • Rose and Jack dance together, and Rose really gets into the festivities, drinking and showing off her dancing skills.
    • We get a brief cut to the smoking room, where the men of first class are enjoying a more dignified evening. Looks boring, though.
    • Uh oh—Cal's servant comes down and sees Rose and Jack together.
    • We have a feeling that's going to be a problem later on…

    Scene 24

    • It's the next morning, and Cal and Rose are having breakfast. He's clearly angry.
    • He brings up her partying below deck, and things get heated.
    • He ends up trashing the breakfast table in anger, breaking a bunch of stuff, and commanding her to "honor him."
    • Rose is super upset. We would be too, if we had to marry a dirtbag like that.

    Scene 25

    • Rose's maid, Trudy, is dressing her, but her mother comes in and orders her away.
    • It seems she wants a word with her daughter.
    • Ruth orders Rose to stay away from Jack.
    • She emphasizes that their money is all gone (apparently Rose's dad left behind a bunch of debt when he died), so Rose needs to get with the program and not screw things up with Cal.
    • No pressure there, eh?
  • Scenes 26-30

    Scenes 26-30

    Scene 26

    • Rose and the other first-class passengers are at a church service in the morning.
    • Jack tries to enter, but the staff prevents him.
    • Cal's manservant sees what's happening and comes out.
    • He gives Jack money and basically tells him to scram.
    • Rose doesn't see, but her mother does—and approves.

    Scene 27

    • Rose and her mother are talking to the captain, who gets an ice warning in the middle of their conversation.
    • He tells them not to worry, saying that, in fact, the ship will be speeding up.
    • Great call, Captain.

    Scene 28

    • We see that Jack has managed to sneak his way onto the first class deck.
    • Meanwhile, Mr. Andrews, the builder, is talking to Rose and her peeps.
    • Rose is asking about the lifeboats, since there don't appear to be enough for all the passengers. Andrews confirms that this is the case.
    • Apparently, there was some concern that extra lifeboats would clutter up the deck, so fewer made it on board—against Andrews' own objections.
    • Then, Jack manages to sneak up to Rose and get her away for a word.
    • He tries to convince her to break free from her mother and Cal.
    • Despite the fact that she's clearly into him and wants to break free, she tells him to leave her alone.

    Scene 29

    • At lunch, Rose is staring off into space as her mother natters on to some other ladies about Rose's wedding.
    • She watches a posh young girl being posh and seems to ponder her empty life of perfect manners and breeding…

    Scene 30

    • Rose goes and finds Jack, who's hanging out at the front of the boat, and it's time for another big iconic moment.
    • Jack pulls her up on the rail, making her close her eyes.
    • He spreads out her arms, and when she opens her eyes, she finds it's like she's flying through the air.
    • It seems she's chosen to ignore the warnings from Cal and her mother and continue "making it count" with Jack.
    • They hold hands and then she leans back and kisses him.
  • Scenes 31-35

    Scenes 31-35

    Scene 31

    • Now we're back in the present, as Lovett and Bodine discuss the captain's decision to speed up and what it meant for the Titanic's fate.

    Scene 32

    • Back in the past, Rose is taking Jack to her rooms.
    • Apparently, he's going to draw her.
    • She gets into the safe and retrieves the Heart of the Ocean.
    • She announces that she wants him to draw her wearing only that necklace.

    Scene 33

    • She comes out and pays Jack his artist's fee for drawing her.
    • She takes her robe off and lies down on the couch, and Jack draws her.

    Scene 34

    • The scene transitions from the past to the present, with Rose telling the story to a very rapt audience.
    • Then it cuts back to Jack and Rose on the Titanic, where Jack is signing his work and, at Rose's request, puts the Heart of the Ocean back in the safe.

    Scene 35

    • Cal and Lovejoy discuss where Rose is.
    • Cal is frustrated that Lovejoy can't find her. He basically throws a snit fit.
    • Now we're with the captain and Second Officer Lightoller.
    • They're talking about how calm it is.
    • Lightoller mentions that it will make icebergs harder to see.
    • The captain says to maintain speed.
    • Oh, Captain. You're an idiot.
  • Scenes 36-40

    Scenes 36-40

    Scene 36

    • Jack and Rose are in Rose's rooms when Lovejoy comes to find Rose.
    • They escape and run away, with Lovejoy chasing them.
    • They go through the engine room to a cargo area, where some of the passengers' cars are being stored. They get into a car and start canoodling.

    Scene 37

    • Back on deck, the lookouts are watching the ocean. One is talking about how he can smell ice.

    Scene 38

    • Back down below, we see the car that Jack and Rose are in. It's steamed up, and a hand slaps the window and drags down.
    • Inside the car, Jack and Rose are all sweaty—clearly, things have gotten pretty frisky.

    Scene 39

    • Apparently the folks in the engine room didn't appreciate Jack and Rose's visit, and so now some of the crewmembers have come down to look for the intruders.
    • By the time they look in the steamy-windowed car, however, Rose and Jack are long gone.
    • Upstairs, Cal and Lovejoy find Jack's drawing in the safe, along with a note from Rose. And...we repeat: the nude drawing of her.

    Scene 40

    • Rose and Jack are now up on deck, laughing at how they evaded those two crew members.
    • Rose tells Jack that she's going to run off with him when the ship docks.
    • Above them, the lookouts are watching, amused. However, when they look back at the ocean, there's nothing to laugh about—because there's a giant iceberg straight in front of them.
    • They call below and alert the other crew and staff across the Titanic to leap into action, trying to redirect the ship quickly enough to avoid a hit.
    • It almost works, but unfortunately there's still a collision.
    • We see the effects around the entire ship, from shaking glassware to water bursting into compartments.
    • Because Rose and Jack on the deck, they're among the few who know right away that something horrible has happened.
    • The crew closes the doors down to the boiler room because of the breaches, shutting some of the workers inside.
    • The captain comes out, and Mr. Murdoch explains what happened. The captain asks him to find the carpenter to sound the ship.
  • Scenes 41-45

    Scenes 41-45

    Scene 41

    • We see more reactions around the ship.
    • Also, Cal and Lovejoy are looking for the Master at Arms, claiming to have been robbed.

    Scene 42

    • On deck, Rose and Jack overhear the captain and Mr. Andrews talking about the damage, and Jack realizes that the situation is bad.
    • Rose says they should go tell her mother and Cal.

    Scene 43

    • When they do, Lovejoy takes the opportunity to plant the necklace on Jack.
    • When the Master at Arms searches and finds it, Jack's hauled away to sea jail.

    Scene 44

    • Elsewhere, there's more bad news: Mr. Andrews is telling everyone that Titanic is going down for sure, regardless of all the efforts to contain the damage.
    • It'll be an hour or two at the most.

    Scene 45

    • Cal and Rose are talking in their suite, and Cal slaps Rose for her disloyalty to him.
    • A crewmember interrupts them, asking them to come on deck in a life jacket.
  • Scenes 46-50

    Scenes 46-50

    Scene 46

    • The captain tells his crew to issue a distress call.
    • Then, we see the crew readying the lifeboats as the passengers continue partying inside, apparently either oblivious or in denial.
    • Mr. Andrews walks around in disbelief. Rose corners him and asks him to tell her the truth about what's going on.
    • He tells her the ship is definitely going to sink.
    • Cal overhears. Mr. Andrews tells Rose to get to a boat quickly, reminding her what he told her about the boats—you know, that there aren't enough.

    Scene 47

    • Down below, Jack's being handcuffed to a pipe.  Lovejoy watches him.

    Scene 48

    • Back above, the captain learns that it will take the nearest ship four hours to get to them. They start trying to get people on the boats, women and children first.
    • The band comes out to play for passengers.

    Scene 49

    • Below, the non-first-class folks find that their way to the deck has been blocked. Yeah; they're being trapped below.

    Scene 50

    • The boats that are going into the water aren't very full at all.
    • The crew sends up flares. We see from a distance how far into the water the ships nose has already gone.
  • Scenes 51-55

    Scenes 51-55

    Scene 51

    • Back with Jack, Lovejoy loads his gun.
    • He remarks that he thinks the ship will sink.
    • He hits Jack, "courtesy of Caledon Hartley," and leaves.

    Scene 52

    • Above, Rose, Cal, and Ruth are about to get into a lifeboat.
    • After some snotty comments from Cal and her mother, Rose refuses to go with them.
    • Cal tries to stop her, but she puts those spitting lessons to good use and spits in his face.

    Scene 53

    • Jack is trying to make noise in the hopes that someone will find and release him.
    • Rose is looking for Mr. Andrews so he can help her figure out where Jack might have been taken. She finds him.
    • He tries to send her to a boat, but she refuses. He gives her directions.
    • Below, water starts coming into the room where Jack is.
    • Rose gets to an elevator and demands the man take her down.
    • Water fills the elevator as she gets out.
    • Rose slogs through the water to get to Jack—and does manage to find him.
    • Now there's the problem of getting him out of the handcuffs.

    Scene 54

    • The front of the boat dips further into the water…

    Scene 55

    • Below decks, Jack and Rose realize that Rose is going to need some more help to get him loose.
    • She tries to get one of the crew to help her, but all he wants to do is get her back upstairs (we understand; we really want our lovebirds to do the same).
    • She punches him to try to get him to stop talking and listen to her, but strangely, he just runs away.
    • Out of other options, Rose grabs an axe from an emergency kit and heads back to Jack. She manages not to chop his hands off while breaking the cuffs off the pipe.
    • They flee through the freezing water, which has gotten really high.
    • Their way back up to the deck is blocked.
  • Scenes 56-60

    Scenes 56-60

    Scene 56

    • On the lifeboat, you see Molly Brown and Ruth staring at the Titanic sinking.

    Scene 57

    • There's big-time drama on the deck, as people crush to get into the boats.
    • Cal and Lovejoy are trying to figure out where Rose is and how to get off the boat.

    Scene 58

    • They're finally unlocking the gates to let the lower class passengers out—women and children only, but men are trying to get through.
    • Jack is reunited with Fabrizio and Tommy, who are trying to get up to the deck.

    Scene 59

    • Cal is with Lovejoy back in their rooms. Cal is getting the Heart of the Ocean.

    Scene 60

    • At another stairwell, Jack, Rose, Tommy, and Fabrizio are trying to get through another locked gate.
    • When they're denied, they use a bench to batter through the gates.
  • Scenes 61-65

    Scenes 61-65

    Scene 61

    • Back on deck, Lightoller's trying to keep everyone calm, but it's pretty much chaos.
    • Cal and Lovejoy are trying to find a boat. Cal nabs Mr. Murdoch and tells him he has a business proposition.
    • Meanwhile, Jack and Rose are up on the deck now, too, looking for a boat. The band is still playing.
    • Cal sticks money in Mr. Murdoch's pocket.

    Scene 62

    • Lovejoy hunts for Cal.
    • He finds him, and tells him that Rose is waiting for a boat on the other side with Jack.
    • He is just about to get on a boat, but he decides to sacrifice his chance to find her.
    • Meanwhile, that boat heads down with Mr. Ismay on it, looking devastated.

    Scene 63

    • Rose is being invited into a boat. Jack's encouraging her, but she's resisting going without him.
    • Cal joins them and also urges her to leave. Cal says that he has an arrangement with a man that will get him and Jack onto another boat.
    • This finally convinces Rose, and she gets in. Oh, and Cal gives her his coat to keep her warm.
    • The boat lowers toward the ocean as she stares at her two lovers above.
    • Cal and Jack then discuss the reality that while Cal has an arrangement with someone, Jack doesn't—and they both just lied to Rose to get her to leave.
    • Meanwhile, Rose suddenly realizes she can't leave without Jack and leaps from the boat onto one of the lower levels.
    • She and Jack race back toward each other and embrace, even though Jack's angry she gave up her chance at leaving on a lifeboat.
    • Cal watches them, super-mad.
    • Lovejoy tries to pull him away, but Cal grabs his gun and tries to shoot Jack.
    • Jack and Rose run away. They end up plunging into the rising water inside the ship and get away when Cal runs out of bullets.
    • Cal then realizes that he let Rose escape with the diamond, which (unknown to her) was in the coat he gave her.

    Scene 64

    • Rose and Jack try to find a way back up above. As they run, they hear a kid screaming. They rescue him, but then the boy's father comes back and is furious that they have his kid.
    • The dad grabs his kid and heads the wrong way, and so they get swept away in the water as it bursts through the wall.
    • Jack and Rose struggle in the rising water to get up above deck again. They get stuck briefly at a gate, but get they keys from a staff member and manage to get it open themselves.
    • They head back to the deck.

    Scene 65

    • Meanwhile, Cal is rushing to try to get a boat. He sees a random child who appears to have lost her parents and seems to get an idea…
    • Cal talks to Mr. Murdoch about their arrangement, and Murdoch throws the money back at Cal, saying his money can't help him.
    • When the crowd starts pushing, Murdoch starts shooting—and he gets Tommy, who had been pushed forward by accident.
    • He immediately regrets the act and shoots himself in the head, his body falling into the ocean.
    • Cal grabs the crying child and pretends to be her parent so they'll let him onto a boat.
  • Scenes 66-70

    Scenes 66-70

    Scene 66

    • Rose and Jack are running through the upper deck, encountering Mr. Andrews on the way.
    • He gives Rose his lifejacket, and she hugs him.
    • Apparently, Mr. Andrews isn't going to make a run for it.

    Scene 67

    • On deck, the captain watches the chaos and wades his way into the wheelhouse. He closes the door.

    Scene 68

    • The band tries again to break up, but then one lone violinist starts playing, and the rest of the band comes back to play with him.
    • We see a montage of scenes from around the ship, including the captain, Mr. Andrews, and families huddling together in their rooms as water floods in.
    • We also see Rose's precious paintings floating through the water.

    Scene 69

    • On deck, things are accelerating, as the upper deck is increasingly submerged in the water. Evacuees struggle to get lifeboats cut loose from their moorings.
    • Water rushes toward the band, and they finally disband for real.
    • Water bursts into the captain's wheelhouse, presumably drowning him.
    • If possible, things then get even more chaotic, with some people leaping from the boat into the water, and others running to the back of the boat to try to avoid going into the water for as long as possible.
    • One of the ship's funnels comes unhinged and falls over.
    • Unfortunately, Jack's pal Fabrizio is underneath it when it goes down.
    • The back of the ship is rising quickly, headed toward a vertical—which makes staying on the boat even more challenging.
    • Jack and Rose get to the very back and prepare to ride the ship down into the water.
    • A priest says prayers.
    • In the middle of all this, Rose realizes that this is where she first met Jack. Ah, the symmetry.
    • People start sliding down the deck of the boat toward the water as the boat's booty rises further and further in the air.
    • From lifeboats, Ruth and the others watch the ship.

    Scene 70

    • The lights go out on the boat as the electrical finally goes, and the ship cracks in half. The part of the ship that isn't yet submerged lands on many of the people who are already in the water
    • Then, the boat's butt starts rising once again. Rose and Jack climb over the railing so they are positioned to stay on the boat as long as possible.
    • More people fall down the now-sideways deck toward the water.
    • The boat sinks toward the water rapidly.
    • Jack gives Rose instructions for how to survive going into the water. They sink into the water with the ship, struggling with the force of the sinking to get to the surface.
    • They're separated, and initially they can't find each other among all the screaming people in the water who are struggling to find relatives and stay alive.
    • Eventually they find each other, and they swim toward a piece of debris—a door.
    • Jack lets Rose climb on the door, as it appears it can't hold both of them.
    • From the breath of those in the water, it looks like the ocean is very cold.
    • A man near them whistles, trying to convince the lifeboats to come back for them.
    • On Molly and Ruth's boat, Molly's trying to convince the crewmember manning their boat to go back for more.
    • He claims that they would swamp the boat. Molly tries to get the women to agree to go back, but they're silent.
    • Meanwhile, Fifth Officer Lowe organizes a series of boats so he can empty out a single boat to go back.
  • Scenes 71-75

    Scenes 71-75

    Scene 71

    • Some time has passed, and Jack and Rose are still hanging in there.
    • They're both clearly freezing. The man with the whistle nearby is silent.
    • Rose tells Jack that she loves him. Jack tells her not to say her goodbyes.
    • He gives her a pep talk, making her promise to survive and not give up.
    • She agrees, and they clasp hands.

    Scene 72

    • On the lifeboat that went back for people, Fifth Officer Lowe is searching through the bodies floating in the water, trying to find someone who's alive.
    • It's not looking good. He remarks that they waited too long to go back.

    Scene 73

    • Rose is lying on the door. Her hair is frozen over, but she's still alive.
    • She sees the lifeboat's searchlight in the distance, but she's clearly kind of out of it from the prolonged exposure to the cold.
    • She tries to alert Jack that the lifeboats have come—unfortunately, it appears he's dead. She tries to rouse him, but it's no use.
    • In her grief, she ignores the lifeboat for a little while and cries.
    • Of course, she then realizes she made Jack a promise to keep going and all that, so she starts trying to shout for the boat.
    • Unfortunately, her voice is too weak from being in the cold that long.
    • Finally, she loosens her hand from Jack's, promising never to let go.
    • He drops into the water away from her, and she lowers herself off the door—she's clearly after something.
    • She heads over to the dead man with the whistle and grabs it out of his mouth.
    • She starts blowing, and the folks on the lifeboat hear her and turn around.

    Scene 74

    • Back in the present, Rose remarks that 1,500 people went into the ocean during that sinking.
    • Of the twenty boats floating nearby, only one came back, she says.
    • Apparently, she was one of six who were rescued from the water.

    Scene 75

    • We get a montage of people surviving on the lifeboats until the Carpathia came to rescue them.
  • Scenes 76-80

    Scenes 76-80

    Scene 76

    • On the Carpathia, Cal goes down to a lower deck, clearly to look for Rose among the steerage passengers.
    • Rose hides her face from him.
    • Via voiceover, Present Rose tells her listeners that Cal eventually killed himself after the stock market crash in 1929.

    Scene 77

    • As they head into New York, a man asks Rose for her name, and she provides "Rose Dawson." Aww. She took Jack's last name.

    Scene 78

    • In the present day, Rose wraps up the story, telling her listeners that Jack saved her in basically every way possible.

    Scene 79

    • Lizzy and Lovett talk about Titanic, and how he had never really gotten it or "let it in" before now.
    • He throws away the cigar he had been saving for when he found the diamond.

    Scene 80

    • Rose heads toward the side of the ship in her nightgown, carrying something in her hands. She climbs the railing and opens her hand. It's the Heart of the Ocean.
    • This revelation is intercut with a flashback to when she discovered the diamond in her pocket all those years ago, when she was riding to New York on the Carpathia.
    • She throws the diamond into the ocean, and the camera follows it down as it sinks.
  • Scene 81

    Scene 81

    • Rose is now back in bed, with all the photos from her apparently fabulous life there next to her.
    • Looks like she managed to have a lot of adventures, no doubt partly thanks to Jack's influence.
    • The camera pans over her face, and suddenly we're in the water, rushing toward the wreck of the Titanic.
    • It transforms into the ship as originally constructed and whole, and the camera takes us into the main stairway, where all the passengers are waiting.
    • The camera appears to be Rose's perspective as she moves toward Jack standing on the stairs.
    • She's wearing a white dress. They kiss, and it fades to black.