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Titanic Scenes 16-20

Scenes 16-20

Scenes 16-20

Scene 16

  • It's dinnertime. Older Rose narrates over images of young Rose sitting there, miserable.
  • Suddenly, we see young Rose running away from dinner, sobbing and barreling into people as she goes. As she runs, she passes by Jack relaxing on a bench.
  • She reaches the back of the ship and contemplates jumping over. She climbs over to the other side of the railing and prepares herself for a final leap.
  • Suddenly, Jack is there. He tells her not to jump.
  • He tries to get her talking and emphasizes how cold the water below is likely to be.
  • He tells her he'd have to jump in after her, so he's hoping she'll change her mind.
  • She does, and he starts to help her over the rail.
  • However, she slips, and Jack has to grab her to prevent her from going into the water. Things are looking a little dicey, but she manages to scramble back over the side.
  • Some of the crew heard her scream, so they come running.
  • Of course, by the time they get to her, Jack's pulled her over the rail, but he's tumbled on top of her…which gives the crew the wrong impression of why she was screaming.

Scene 17

  • Hockley and friends have now joined the pair, and the crew is handcuffing Jack.
  • Rose finally manages to clarify that he was trying to help, coming up with a lie about falling over by accident and Jack coming to her rescue.
  • Cal invites Jack to dinner to thank him.

Scene 18

  • Cal comes to Rose and, in an effort to cheer her up, gives her a giant blue diamond called "The Heart of the Ocean."
  • He is hoping she'll now "open [her] heart" to him.

Scene 19

  • Jack and Rose are walking on the deck and chatting, and Rose fills Jack in on why she was thinking of jumping off the ship.
  • The short version is that she and Cal are getting married…and she doesn't seem to want to.
  • Jack asks Rose if she loves Cal, and she gets angry.
  • She claims she's going to leave in a huff…but she doesn't.
  • Instead, she starts checking out Jack's drawings and marveling at how good they are. Jack tells her the stories of some of his subjects.

Scene 20

  • Now we're with Rose's mother, who's having tea with some other stuffy ladies.
  • Molly tries to join them, and they try to avoid her.
  • However, she follows them out to take in the air on the deck.
  • Meanwhile, Ismay and the captain are talking about whether Titanic should speed up so they can show up early in NYC and really impress the papers.
  • Oh, yeah. That's a great idea.