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Titanic Scenes 21-25

Scenes 21-25

Scenes 21-25

Scene 21

  • Jack and Rose are still on the deck talking, and things are getting friendlier than ever.
  • He offers to give her spitting lessons. Unfortunately, her mother and the other ladies come along as she's trying to get the hang of it.
  • She introduces Jack to her mother and the ladies. Rose's mother is less than impressed.
  • Rose goes to dress, telling Jack she'll see him at dinner.
  • Molly realizes he hasn't really given much thought to what he's getting himself into, so she takes him back to her rooms to get him some appropriate clothing, and he heads out to dinner.

Scene 22

  • Jack meets Rose at the grand staircase.
  • Cal and Rose's mother walk right by Jack, not recognizing him in his new clothes.
  • Rose arrives and catches Jack practicing how to say hello as a gentleman.
  • He kisses her hand, since he once saw that move in a movie. It's a pretty slick move.
  • They join up with Cal and Rose's mother. He says Jack could "almost pass for a gentleman." Cal is the king of insults, n'est-ce pas?
  • Rose points out various other partygoers and introduces him to John Jacob Astor.
  • Now we're at dinner, where Jack is trying his best not to embarrass himself.
  • Molly gives him some tips, because she's awesome like that.
  • Rose's mother is doing her best to demean and make fun of Jack, but he keeps his temper and good cheer, and his mantra about making every moment count inspires a toast.
  • After dinner, the men decide they're going to leave for the smoking room, but Jack declines.
  • He slips Rose a note to meet him at the clock and "make it count."
  • When she arrives, he asks if she wants to go to a real party.

Scene 23

  • Now they're down on the lower decks, where the third-class passengers are partying hard with lots of dancing and beer.
  • Rose and Jack dance together, and Rose really gets into the festivities, drinking and showing off her dancing skills.
  • We get a brief cut to the smoking room, where the men of first class are enjoying a more dignified evening. Looks boring, though.
  • Uh oh—Cal's servant comes down and sees Rose and Jack together.
  • We have a feeling that's going to be a problem later on…

Scene 24

  • It's the next morning, and Cal and Rose are having breakfast. He's clearly angry.
  • He brings up her partying below deck, and things get heated.
  • He ends up trashing the breakfast table in anger, breaking a bunch of stuff, and commanding her to "honor him."
  • Rose is super upset. We would be too, if we had to marry a dirtbag like that.

Scene 25

  • Rose's maid, Trudy, is dressing her, but her mother comes in and orders her away.
  • It seems she wants a word with her daughter.
  • Ruth orders Rose to stay away from Jack.
  • She emphasizes that their money is all gone (apparently Rose's dad left behind a bunch of debt when he died), so Rose needs to get with the program and not screw things up with Cal.
  • No pressure there, eh?