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Titanic Scenes 26-30

Scenes 26-30

Scenes 26-30

Scene 26

  • Rose and the other first-class passengers are at a church service in the morning.
  • Jack tries to enter, but the staff prevents him.
  • Cal's manservant sees what's happening and comes out.
  • He gives Jack money and basically tells him to scram.
  • Rose doesn't see, but her mother does—and approves.

Scene 27

  • Rose and her mother are talking to the captain, who gets an ice warning in the middle of their conversation.
  • He tells them not to worry, saying that, in fact, the ship will be speeding up.
  • Great call, Captain.

Scene 28

  • We see that Jack has managed to sneak his way onto the first class deck.
  • Meanwhile, Mr. Andrews, the builder, is talking to Rose and her peeps.
  • Rose is asking about the lifeboats, since there don't appear to be enough for all the passengers. Andrews confirms that this is the case.
  • Apparently, there was some concern that extra lifeboats would clutter up the deck, so fewer made it on board—against Andrews' own objections.
  • Then, Jack manages to sneak up to Rose and get her away for a word.
  • He tries to convince her to break free from her mother and Cal.
  • Despite the fact that she's clearly into him and wants to break free, she tells him to leave her alone.

Scene 29

  • At lunch, Rose is staring off into space as her mother natters on to some other ladies about Rose's wedding.
  • She watches a posh young girl being posh and seems to ponder her empty life of perfect manners and breeding…

Scene 30

  • Rose goes and finds Jack, who's hanging out at the front of the boat, and it's time for another big iconic moment.
  • Jack pulls her up on the rail, making her close her eyes.
  • He spreads out her arms, and when she opens her eyes, she finds it's like she's flying through the air.
  • It seems she's chosen to ignore the warnings from Cal and her mother and continue "making it count" with Jack.
  • They hold hands and then she leans back and kisses him.