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Titanic Scenes 31-35

Scenes 31-35

Scenes 31-35

Scene 31

  • Now we're back in the present, as Lovett and Bodine discuss the captain's decision to speed up and what it meant for the Titanic's fate.

Scene 32

  • Back in the past, Rose is taking Jack to her rooms.
  • Apparently, he's going to draw her.
  • She gets into the safe and retrieves the Heart of the Ocean.
  • She announces that she wants him to draw her wearing only that necklace.

Scene 33

  • She comes out and pays Jack his artist's fee for drawing her.
  • She takes her robe off and lies down on the couch, and Jack draws her.

Scene 34

  • The scene transitions from the past to the present, with Rose telling the story to a very rapt audience.
  • Then it cuts back to Jack and Rose on the Titanic, where Jack is signing his work and, at Rose's request, puts the Heart of the Ocean back in the safe.

Scene 35

  • Cal and Lovejoy discuss where Rose is.
  • Cal is frustrated that Lovejoy can't find her. He basically throws a snit fit.
  • Now we're with the captain and Second Officer Lightoller.
  • They're talking about how calm it is.
  • Lightoller mentions that it will make icebergs harder to see.
  • The captain says to maintain speed.
  • Oh, Captain. You're an idiot.