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Titanic Scenes 36-40

Scenes 36-40

Scenes 36-40

Scene 36

  • Jack and Rose are in Rose's rooms when Lovejoy comes to find Rose.
  • They escape and run away, with Lovejoy chasing them.
  • They go through the engine room to a cargo area, where some of the passengers' cars are being stored. They get into a car and start canoodling.

Scene 37

  • Back on deck, the lookouts are watching the ocean. One is talking about how he can smell ice.

Scene 38

  • Back down below, we see the car that Jack and Rose are in. It's steamed up, and a hand slaps the window and drags down.
  • Inside the car, Jack and Rose are all sweaty—clearly, things have gotten pretty frisky.

Scene 39

  • Apparently the folks in the engine room didn't appreciate Jack and Rose's visit, and so now some of the crewmembers have come down to look for the intruders.
  • By the time they look in the steamy-windowed car, however, Rose and Jack are long gone.
  • Upstairs, Cal and Lovejoy find Jack's drawing in the safe, along with a note from Rose. And...we repeat: the nude drawing of her.

Scene 40

  • Rose and Jack are now up on deck, laughing at how they evaded those two crew members.
  • Rose tells Jack that she's going to run off with him when the ship docks.
  • Above them, the lookouts are watching, amused. However, when they look back at the ocean, there's nothing to laugh about—because there's a giant iceberg straight in front of them.
  • They call below and alert the other crew and staff across the Titanic to leap into action, trying to redirect the ship quickly enough to avoid a hit.
  • It almost works, but unfortunately there's still a collision.
  • We see the effects around the entire ship, from shaking glassware to water bursting into compartments.
  • Because Rose and Jack on the deck, they're among the few who know right away that something horrible has happened.
  • The crew closes the doors down to the boiler room because of the breaches, shutting some of the workers inside.
  • The captain comes out, and Mr. Murdoch explains what happened. The captain asks him to find the carpenter to sound the ship.