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Titanic Scenes 41-45

Scenes 41-45

Scenes 41-45

Scene 41

  • We see more reactions around the ship.
  • Also, Cal and Lovejoy are looking for the Master at Arms, claiming to have been robbed.

Scene 42

  • On deck, Rose and Jack overhear the captain and Mr. Andrews talking about the damage, and Jack realizes that the situation is bad.
  • Rose says they should go tell her mother and Cal.

Scene 43

  • When they do, Lovejoy takes the opportunity to plant the necklace on Jack.
  • When the Master at Arms searches and finds it, Jack's hauled away to sea jail.

Scene 44

  • Elsewhere, there's more bad news: Mr. Andrews is telling everyone that Titanic is going down for sure, regardless of all the efforts to contain the damage.
  • It'll be an hour or two at the most.

Scene 45

  • Cal and Rose are talking in their suite, and Cal slaps Rose for her disloyalty to him.
  • A crewmember interrupts them, asking them to come on deck in a life jacket.