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Titanic Scenes 51-55

Scenes 51-55

Scenes 51-55

Scene 51

  • Back with Jack, Lovejoy loads his gun.
  • He remarks that he thinks the ship will sink.
  • He hits Jack, "courtesy of Caledon Hartley," and leaves.

Scene 52

  • Above, Rose, Cal, and Ruth are about to get into a lifeboat.
  • After some snotty comments from Cal and her mother, Rose refuses to go with them.
  • Cal tries to stop her, but she puts those spitting lessons to good use and spits in his face.

Scene 53

  • Jack is trying to make noise in the hopes that someone will find and release him.
  • Rose is looking for Mr. Andrews so he can help her figure out where Jack might have been taken. She finds him.
  • He tries to send her to a boat, but she refuses. He gives her directions.
  • Below, water starts coming into the room where Jack is.
  • Rose gets to an elevator and demands the man take her down.
  • Water fills the elevator as she gets out.
  • Rose slogs through the water to get to Jack—and does manage to find him.
  • Now there's the problem of getting him out of the handcuffs.

Scene 54

  • The front of the boat dips further into the water…

Scene 55

  • Below decks, Jack and Rose realize that Rose is going to need some more help to get him loose.
  • She tries to get one of the crew to help her, but all he wants to do is get her back upstairs (we understand; we really want our lovebirds to do the same).
  • She punches him to try to get him to stop talking and listen to her, but strangely, he just runs away.
  • Out of other options, Rose grabs an axe from an emergency kit and heads back to Jack. She manages not to chop his hands off while breaking the cuffs off the pipe.
  • They flee through the freezing water, which has gotten really high.
  • Their way back up to the deck is blocked.