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Titanic Scenes 56-60

Scenes 56-60

Scenes 56-60

Scene 56

  • On the lifeboat, you see Molly Brown and Ruth staring at the Titanic sinking.

Scene 57

  • There's big-time drama on the deck, as people crush to get into the boats.
  • Cal and Lovejoy are trying to figure out where Rose is and how to get off the boat.

Scene 58

  • They're finally unlocking the gates to let the lower class passengers out—women and children only, but men are trying to get through.
  • Jack is reunited with Fabrizio and Tommy, who are trying to get up to the deck.

Scene 59

  • Cal is with Lovejoy back in their rooms. Cal is getting the Heart of the Ocean.

Scene 60

  • At another stairwell, Jack, Rose, Tommy, and Fabrizio are trying to get through another locked gate.
  • When they're denied, they use a bench to batter through the gates.