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Titanic Scenes 6-10

Scenes 6-10

Scenes 6-10

Scene 6

  • Lovett gets a phone call, and it's the old woman, whose name is Rose Calvert.
  • She asks him if he's found something called "The Heart of the Ocean."
  • She announces that she is the woman in that drawing.

Scene 7

  • Rose is being helicoptered onto the ship.
  • Lovett's partner is yelling at him that this woman must be lying.
  • However, Lovett counters that everyone else who knew about the diamond is dead or on that ship.

Scene 8

  • Rose settles in and asks to see "her drawing."
  • Lovett, Rose, and her granddaughter, Lizzy, talk about the diamond and its history.
  • He asks if she's ready to go back to Titanic.

Scene 9

  • Mr. Bodine, Lovett's partner, gives Rose a 3D graphic rendering of Titanic's sinking, ostensibly to prep her for relaying her version of events.
  • It's a nice three-minute scientific overview of what we're about to witness over the course of three hours.
  • Then Lovett asks for Rose's version of events.
  • Rose looks at the images of the Titanic on the screens and is overcome with emotion, but she dives in, so to speak…

Scene 10

  • Flashback time.
  • The image of the sunken ship morphs into how it looked in 1912. It seems we've flashed back to the day Titanic left Southampton.
  • A car drives up and a beautiful young girl (Kate Winslet) gets out.
  • It's young Rose.
  • She's with her mother and some other dude. She's not that impressed with the Titanic, and her boyfriend is exasperated. The party boards the ship.
  • It seems that she wasn't real thrilled to be traveling that day…we're guessing she doesn't like her boyfriend that much