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Titanic Scenes 66-70

Scenes 66-70

Scenes 66-70

Scene 66

  • Rose and Jack are running through the upper deck, encountering Mr. Andrews on the way.
  • He gives Rose his lifejacket, and she hugs him.
  • Apparently, Mr. Andrews isn't going to make a run for it.

Scene 67

  • On deck, the captain watches the chaos and wades his way into the wheelhouse. He closes the door.

Scene 68

  • The band tries again to break up, but then one lone violinist starts playing, and the rest of the band comes back to play with him.
  • We see a montage of scenes from around the ship, including the captain, Mr. Andrews, and families huddling together in their rooms as water floods in.
  • We also see Rose's precious paintings floating through the water.

Scene 69

  • On deck, things are accelerating, as the upper deck is increasingly submerged in the water. Evacuees struggle to get lifeboats cut loose from their moorings.
  • Water rushes toward the band, and they finally disband for real.
  • Water bursts into the captain's wheelhouse, presumably drowning him.
  • If possible, things then get even more chaotic, with some people leaping from the boat into the water, and others running to the back of the boat to try to avoid going into the water for as long as possible.
  • One of the ship's funnels comes unhinged and falls over.
  • Unfortunately, Jack's pal Fabrizio is underneath it when it goes down.
  • The back of the ship is rising quickly, headed toward a vertical—which makes staying on the boat even more challenging.
  • Jack and Rose get to the very back and prepare to ride the ship down into the water.
  • A priest says prayers.
  • In the middle of all this, Rose realizes that this is where she first met Jack. Ah, the symmetry.
  • People start sliding down the deck of the boat toward the water as the boat's booty rises further and further in the air.
  • From lifeboats, Ruth and the others watch the ship.

Scene 70

  • The lights go out on the boat as the electrical finally goes, and the ship cracks in half. The part of the ship that isn't yet submerged lands on many of the people who are already in the water
  • Then, the boat's butt starts rising once again. Rose and Jack climb over the railing so they are positioned to stay on the boat as long as possible.
  • More people fall down the now-sideways deck toward the water.
  • The boat sinks toward the water rapidly.
  • Jack gives Rose instructions for how to survive going into the water. They sink into the water with the ship, struggling with the force of the sinking to get to the surface.
  • They're separated, and initially they can't find each other among all the screaming people in the water who are struggling to find relatives and stay alive.
  • Eventually they find each other, and they swim toward a piece of debris—a door.
  • Jack lets Rose climb on the door, as it appears it can't hold both of them.
  • From the breath of those in the water, it looks like the ocean is very cold.
  • A man near them whistles, trying to convince the lifeboats to come back for them.
  • On Molly and Ruth's boat, Molly's trying to convince the crewmember manning their boat to go back for more.
  • He claims that they would swamp the boat. Molly tries to get the women to agree to go back, but they're silent.
  • Meanwhile, Fifth Officer Lowe organizes a series of boats so he can empty out a single boat to go back.