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Titanic Scenes 71-75

Scenes 71-75

Scenes 71-75

Scene 71

  • Some time has passed, and Jack and Rose are still hanging in there.
  • They're both clearly freezing. The man with the whistle nearby is silent.
  • Rose tells Jack that she loves him. Jack tells her not to say her goodbyes.
  • He gives her a pep talk, making her promise to survive and not give up.
  • She agrees, and they clasp hands.

Scene 72

  • On the lifeboat that went back for people, Fifth Officer Lowe is searching through the bodies floating in the water, trying to find someone who's alive.
  • It's not looking good. He remarks that they waited too long to go back.

Scene 73

  • Rose is lying on the door. Her hair is frozen over, but she's still alive.
  • She sees the lifeboat's searchlight in the distance, but she's clearly kind of out of it from the prolonged exposure to the cold.
  • She tries to alert Jack that the lifeboats have come—unfortunately, it appears he's dead. She tries to rouse him, but it's no use.
  • In her grief, she ignores the lifeboat for a little while and cries.
  • Of course, she then realizes she made Jack a promise to keep going and all that, so she starts trying to shout for the boat.
  • Unfortunately, her voice is too weak from being in the cold that long.
  • Finally, she loosens her hand from Jack's, promising never to let go.
  • He drops into the water away from her, and she lowers herself off the door—she's clearly after something.
  • She heads over to the dead man with the whistle and grabs it out of his mouth.
  • She starts blowing, and the folks on the lifeboat hear her and turn around.

Scene 74

  • Back in the present, Rose remarks that 1,500 people went into the ocean during that sinking.
  • Of the twenty boats floating nearby, only one came back, she says.
  • Apparently, she was one of six who were rescued from the water.

Scene 75

  • We get a montage of people surviving on the lifeboats until the Carpathia came to rescue them.