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Titanic Scenes 76-80

Scenes 76-80

Scenes 76-80

Scene 76

  • On the Carpathia, Cal goes down to a lower deck, clearly to look for Rose among the steerage passengers.
  • Rose hides her face from him.
  • Via voiceover, Present Rose tells her listeners that Cal eventually killed himself after the stock market crash in 1929.

Scene 77

  • As they head into New York, a man asks Rose for her name, and she provides "Rose Dawson." Aww. She took Jack's last name.

Scene 78

  • In the present day, Rose wraps up the story, telling her listeners that Jack saved her in basically every way possible.

Scene 79

  • Lizzy and Lovett talk about Titanic, and how he had never really gotten it or "let it in" before now.
  • He throws away the cigar he had been saving for when he found the diamond.

Scene 80

  • Rose heads toward the side of the ship in her nightgown, carrying something in her hands. She climbs the railing and opens her hand. It's the Heart of the Ocean.
  • This revelation is intercut with a flashback to when she discovered the diamond in her pocket all those years ago, when she was riding to New York on the Carpathia.
  • She throws the diamond into the ocean, and the camera follows it down as it sinks.