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Top Gun Assorted Navy Pilots ()

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Assorted Navy Pilots ()

There's a ton of Navy pilots in Top Gun, and a lot of them aren't even given names.

The B Team

After Maverick, Goose, Iceman, and Slider, the next most important ones are Hollywood and Wolfman, who are probably the third place finishers, though we have no way of knowing that for sure. Hollywood is a pretty good pilot himself. During the final battle scene, for example, it's Hollywood that is sent up as Iceman's wingman (Maverick is just the backup).

The C Team

In addition to Hollywood and Wolfman, there's Cougar and Merlin (he flies with Maverick during the final battle scene). Cougar is symbolically removed after the film's first sequence to make way for Maverick. He's the best pilot in that squadron, as Stinger reminds Maverick, but Maverick's characterization depends on his "sliding" in to Cougar's spot. Maverick is an awesome pilot, but he's not the best (Cougar is). He has to make a few mistakes, and learn how to be the best before he can, you know, be the best.

The Randos

There are countless other pilots (such as Sundown) that make appearances in the film, but most of them aren't given names, and they're really there to fill out the cast, so to speak, and to make the Navy community look bigger than 4-6 actors would make it look.

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