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Top Gun Scenes 1-2

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Scenes 1-2

Scenes 1-2

Scene 1

  • After the Paramount logo, the Top Gun theme starts playing. It sounds ominous, but also pretty awesome. We're getting ready for something cool, we just know it.
  • A small paragraph appears on screen. In 1969, apparently Navy realized that aerial combat just wasn't what it should be.
  • A school was created to teach the "lost art of dog fighting." It's called Fighter Weapons school but the pilots call it…
  • …Top Gun. 
  • This school is real folks, and you can read a little about it right here if you're in the mood.

Scene 2

  • We're now on an aircraft carrier. It appears to be near dusk, and the deck is shrouded in exhaust, smoke, and mist. 
  • Carrier staff can be seen preparing planes for takeoff as the music slowly builds.
  • As soon as planes start taking off one of the movie's most popular song starts playing: Kenny Loggins's, "Danger Zone."
  • Planes take off and land during the sequence, and the scene is nothing short of exhilarating.

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