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Top Gun Scenes 11-12

Scenes 11-12

Scenes 11-12

Scene 11

  • It's the first of many locker room scenes. Goose is celebrating Jester's "death."
  • Slider and Iceman enter. They defeated their opponent, but Goose reminds them that they did, too.
  • Slider tells them they didn't because below the hard deck does not count. Maverick essentially says whatever, reiterating: "We nailed that son of a b****."
  • Iceman has had enough: "You guys really are cowboys."
  • Maverick and Ice argue for a little bit, with Iceman calling Maverick out for being dangerous.
  • Maverick agrees, taking it as a compliment.
  • Jester pops in and tells Maverick and Goose to get out of their flight gear and up to Viper's office.

Scene 12

  • Maverick and Goose are waiting outside an office while the tower controller is screaming about Maverick and Goose's flyby.
  • He comes out, slams into a guy carrying coffee (his second coffee spill of the day), and keeps yelling.
  • Viper and Jester emerge, and tell Maverick and Goose to follow them.
  • In Viper's office, Viper starts questioning the boys, asking them why they followed Jester below the hard deck.
  • Maverick defends his actions, saying he wasn't below for more than a few seconds. He had the shot, and took it.
  • Viper then starts in on him, yelling at him for breaking a "major rule of engagement," and then breaking another one with his "circus-stunt flyby."
  • After a little more lecturing about the rules and what will happen if Maverick and Goose break them (they'll be "history"), they are dismissed.
  • Goose tells Maverick in the hallway that he really enjoyed the discipline. Maverick sees Charlie working in an office. They make eye contact.
  • Viper and Jester are still talking, and Viper drops a major bomb: he flew with Maverick's father.
  • Jester reflects on Maverick's status as a "completely unpredictable" pilot.

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