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Top Gun Scenes 13-14

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Scenes 13-14

Scenes 13-14

Scene 13

  • It's nighttime, and Maverick is in his apartment, or quarters, or what have you.
  • Goose shows up, and says he can't sleep. Something is clearly on his mind.
  • He tells Maverick that while he was excited at first, now he just hopes they graduate (he's clearly tired of Maverick getting them in trouble).
  • He tells us a little more about Maverick's checkered family history.
  • Maverick wasn't let into the Naval academy because he's "Duke Mitchell's kid," and Goose knows that it's tough living with that reputation.
  • What reputation is that? We don't know at this point, but folks this is the third time we've heard about Maverick's family (recall Stinger saying his name wasn't the best in the Navy and Viper mentioning he flew with Duke).
  • Goose also tells Maverick that he's nervous. He feels like every time they fly, Maverick is flying against the ghost of his father.
  • He's focused on the past, and not the present.
  • Maverick tells Goose he's his only family, and that he won't let him down.

Scene 14

  • We're in a classroom or study hall of some kind, and we see Charlie approaching Maverick.
  • Maverick and Charlie talk about a scenario, but they're also clearly talking about Maverick's initial pursuit of Charlie.
  • Charlie smiles and starts writing something down while Maverick confronts her for not telling him who she was when they first met.
  • She tells him he deserved it for the way he acted.
  • He smiles, and tells her she was tempted to ask him out for dinner.
  • She says she wasn't, and Slider turns around, smiles, and goes back to what he was doing.
  • Charlie smiles, tells Maverick "it takes a lot more than just fancy flying," and leaves him note.
  • The note contains… a dinner invitation. Maverick is to be at Charlie's house at 5:30 P.M.
  • Slider makes a joke ("crashed and burned huh Mav?").
  • Maverick leans in, and tells Slider he stinks.
  • Slider feels stupid, and starts smelling himself (he's hot and sweaty).

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