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Top Gun Scenes 15-16

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Scenes 15-16

Scenes 15-16

Scene 15

  • Music starts playing, and we see Maverick, Goose, Iceman, and Slider on a volleyball court.
  • The boys play several very competitive games of beach volleyball.
  • There are several shots of Slider showing off his muscles and screaming and grunting.
  • Soon, it looks like it's almost dusk, and Maverick leaves to get ready to go.
  • Goose comes over, begs to stick around for one more game.
  • Maverick says he's sorry but he has some things to take care (i.e. a date with Charlie).
  • In the next shot, he's zooming on his motorcycle as Berlin's "Take My Breath Away" is playing.

Scene 16

  • We see Charlie in her house, and then we see Maverick pulling up outside. He's clearly late.
  • Charlie doesn't answer the door for him, so he goes around back, looking for her.
  • She beckons him inside, and he starts to apologize but she won't let him.
  • He tries to go shower, but she won't let him because she's hungry.
  • The scene shifts to Maverick and Charlie sitting outside at a table, with Charlie telling Maverick about what was going through her head when she invited him over.
  • She claims it's the MiG-28 he saw. He's the only pilot that's ever flown against one.
  • She also lets on that she's trying for a big promotion at work, and if she gets it she won't be hanging around Top Gun much longer.
Maverick plays it cool, and implies that he'll tell her about the MiG in due time.
  • To be honest, he seems a little disappointed that that's all she wants to talk about.
  • After dinner Otis Redding's "Sittin' on the Dock of the Bay" is playing as Maverick and Charlie lounge around.
  • Maverick starts talking about his family, eventually revealing that his father disappeared in an F-4 in 1965.
  • The received story is that his father screwed up, which Maverick refuses to believe.
  • Charlie can sense that this is Maverick's big hang up, and asks him point blank: "Is that why you're always second best up there?"
  • She's implying that Maverick is flying against his father (as Goose implied earlier).
  • Maverick comments on her directness and apologizes for being late. 
  • Charlie apologizes for being direct.
  • "Take My Breath Away" starts playing again as Charlie says "This is going to be complicated."
  • Maverick gets up, stares at Charlie, and starts to leave, saying he has to take a shower.
  • He thanks her for dinner, saying he enjoyed being there.
  • Charlie throws her head back in frustration. She's falling for Maverick, and she knows he's just scored mega points with his classy departure.
  • We see him leaving on his motorcycle. It's dusk.

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