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Top Gun Scenes 17-18

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Scenes 17-18

Scenes 17-18

Scene 17

  • Maverick is waiting for an elevator. He's just finished working out.
  • When he gets in the elevator, Charlie is in there, with a hat on.
  • She tells him that she's going to be honest with him. While the MiG is important to her work, she doesn't normally invite students over.
  • Is this her way of saying she likes him? Why can't she just spit it out?
  • She tells Maverick that she still has a job to do.
  • This must be her way of saying, essentially, "I'm gonna take a chance on you, but keep in mind I work here."
  • Before she can say more, a guy enters, momentarily relieving the tension. "Take My Breath Away" is playing again.
  • When the guy leaves, Maverick approaches, and gets really, really close to Charlie.
  • She seems thrilled, and also seems to be waiting for a kiss.
  • Maverick, being the smooth operator he is, declines to kiss her.
  • Instead he smiles, looks at her long and hard, and says, "I'm glad we got that straight."
  • Then he leaves.

Scene 18

  • We see the outside of an airport terminal.
  • The scene shifts to a sweaty, yapping Goose, who happens to be wearing sunglasses.
  • He's telling Maverick what he told his wife: Top Gun is exhausting.
  • Goose and Maverick walk out to the tarmac and greet Goose's wife and son.
  • Goose's wife tells Maverick that Goose told her that he's in love with one of his instructors (Charlie).
  • Goose jokingly gets on his wife for letting out the "secret" he told her.

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