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Top Gun Scenes 19-20

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Scenes 19-20

Scenes 19-20

Scene 19

  • Jets chase each other in the sky. It's another Top Gun hop.

Scene 20

  • Figures move on a screen in what looks like an old 80's video game. Viper is talking about a possible scenario.
  • He invites Charlie to jump in any time.
  • Charlie takes a sip of her drink, and starts talking about the scenario. 
  • It becomes clear she's talking about Maverick's flying, and she's not saying very nice things.
  • Iceman perks up, takes off his sunglasses, and pays closer attention.
  • Charlie concedes that whatever Maverick did worked, but that it's also an example of what not to do.
  • Maverick is visibly annoyed.
  • Another pilot leans over and says to Maverick, as "Take My Breath Away" starts playing again: "Gutsiest move I ever saw man."

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