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Top Gun Scenes 21-22

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Scenes 21-22

Scenes 21-22

Scene 21

  • "Take My Breath Away" continues, and we see Maverick leaving the school. Charlie is in close pursuit, trying to get his attention.
  • Maverick gets on his motorcycle, and turns it on, even as Charlie continues to try to talk to him.
  • She tells him her review of his flying was "right on" (this is the "job" she mentioned earlier that she still had to do).
  • Maverick says he can't hear her, and zooms away.
  • We see him driving quickly, and then we see Charlie in her car speeding quickly as well.
  • Charlie almost causes an accident as she pulls up to Maverick, who has stopped along the side of the road to see what's up.
  • Maverick starts yelling. Charlie yells back and insists on finishing what she started to say earlier.
  • Her review of his flying is correct, but there's more to the story: she sees some real genius in his flying but couldn't say that during the Top Gun session.
  • Everybody would have seen right through here and she doesn't want anybody to know that she's fallen for him.
  • Finally, after numerous hints, Charlie admits that she's head over heels for Maverick.
  • He stares intently for a second, and then kisses her passionately.

Scene 22

  • The scene shifts to a dimly lit blue room, with Maverick and Charlie facing each other. They start kissing as "Take My Breath Away" plays.
  • Maverick lies Charlie down on a bed, and continues to kiss her as they start having sex.
  • Later, we see Charlie lying in bed. It's morning, and Maverick has left a flower and a note (made into a paper airplane) lying on the pillow next to her.
  • We don't see what the note says.

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