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Top Gun Scenes 23-24

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Scenes 23-24

Scenes 23-24

Scene 23

  • Maverick, Goose, Hollywood, and Wolfman are walking to their planes.
  • Hollywood asks Maverick if he's heard that Iceman won another hop.
  • Maverick is unimpressed, and says to Goose, "I feel the need, the need for speed" (Goose chimes in during the last part.)

Scene 24

  • We're in the air again.
  • Iceman is in first place, and Maverick is just two points behind.
  • Maverick and Co. spot the "bogeys," and then Viper's voice comes over the radio.
  • Whoa, Wolfman can't believe it. Goose reacts much the same, while Maverick cracks a joke.
  • The boys follow Viper and Jester, until Viper peels off and goes his own way.
  • Hollywood and Maverick are chasing Jester. When Maverick spots Viper, he can't resist.
  • Despite Goose and Hollywood's advice, Maverick decides to chase Viper.
  • Oops.
  • The chase is on, with Viper continually eluding Maverick, and both pilots praising the other ("Damn this kid's good," says Viper).
  • Viper continues to lure Maverick somewhere, repeatedly saying in multiple shots "Come on, come on, that's it, come on."
  • Maverick is really close to getting Viper in missile lock and then all of a sudden another plane shows up.
  • Maverick is in missile lock, and he can't believe it. 
  • He and Goose turn to see Jester on their tail: "Bingo, Maverick's dead. You're outta there kid," Jester exclaims.
  • Whoops, big mistake on Maverick's part.

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