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Top Gun Scenes 29-30

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Scenes 29-30

Scenes 29-30

Scene 29

  • "Danger Zone" quietly plays. It looks like the early morning, and the jets are starting to take off.
  • Jester says that it is now hop 31, and graduation is in two weeks. The Top Gun trophy is still up for grabs.
  • Soon, we're in the sky. Two F-14's are next to each other.
  • Then we see them up close. One is Iceman. He looks to his left and glares. Then we see Maverick smiling back.
  • The subtext is clear: it's on. For Maverick, it's about having fun. Iceman is way serious, and this isn't a joke for him.
  • "Bogeys" are spotted, and both Maverick and Ice try to move in. Iceman cuts Maverick off, much to his (Maverick's) annoyance.
  • Iceman can't get a good shot at the big bogey, and Maverick and Goose keep telling him to hurry up and shoot or get out so they can try.
  • Finally, Iceman concedes and gets out of the way.
  • Maverick and Goose, however, get caught in his jet wash. 
  • This is a serious, serious situation, and their plane enters a flat spin.
  • Maverick can't control the plane, even though he tries. Soon, both of the plane's engines go out.
  • Why does this happen? Here's a good article that explains how a jet engine on an F-14 works, and why it would go into a spin in this situation. 
  • The force of the spin makes it impossible for Maverick to pull the eject cord. He tells Goose to get it.
  • Goose tries, and tries, seemingly unable to grasp the handles.
  • Finally, he's able to grasp them. He pulls them. 
  • The spinning and jolting suddenly stops, and it gets very quiet. We see the cockpit lid come off, and then we see Maverick and Goose eject.
  • Goose ejects right into the cockpit shell. This is not good.
  • We see his body parachuting into the ocean. It looks like he's dead.
  • Next thing we know, Maverick is screaming his name, pulling his body to the surface of the water.
  • Maverick knows it and so do we: Goose is dead.
  • A Coast Guard helicopter arrives and rescues the fellas.
  • We get one last glimpse of Goose's body being pulled out of the water.

Scene 30

  • We see the outside of an emergency hospital. Then we see a sink, set up for shaving.
  • Enter Maverick, shaving in his underwear.
  • Viper comes in, wearing his nice white dress uniform.
  • Ostensibly, he's there to check on Maverick, but the things he says to Maverick smack more of a pep talk.
  • Maverick says Goose was his responsibility, and Viper gives him a short lecture about how if you fly jets long enough, something like this happens.
  • He talks about Vietnam, and tells Maverick he needs to let Goose go. 
  • Thanks for understanding Viper.

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