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Top Gun Scenes 3-4

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Scenes 3-4

Scenes 3-4

Scene 3

  • The music fades, and an officer enters what must be the control tower.
  • The scene cuts to a younger dude with glasses talking about the approach of an enemy fighter (a bogey).
  • We get a quick glimpse of a black MiG-28 with a red star painted on its tail (this tells us that it's definitely from some communist country).
  • A guy that appears to be the boss (Stinger) approaches and asks who's in the air. 
  • He doesn't seem to be pleased when he finds out that Maverick and Goose are up there (along with Cougar and Merlin): "Great… Maverick and Goose."

Scene 4

  • An F-14 comes into view, and we're finally in the air with the US Navy pilots. 
  • Maverick and Goose talk about the location of the bogey, confirming with Cougar and Merlin.
  • Maverick and Goose aren't sure if the bogey is by himself, or is flying with another bogey. Cougar is starting to get worried.
  • We see the bogey, and then, out of nowhere, another bogey joins him, but Maverick and Goose don't know this yet.
  • Suddenly, the bogeys fly by Maverick and Goose. They're stunned because (1) there are two bogeys and (2) nobody has ever seen a MiG-28 that close before.
  • Okay, hold up, what's a MiG-28? A fictional aircraft, used both in this movie and in a few other places.
  • In reality, the MiG-28's in the film were just F-5's painted black and with a red star on their tails.
  • Anyway, Cougar continues to get nervous, while Maverick employs some clever flying to get the second bogey in missile lock (that bogey hightails it out of there).
  • Maverick then goes to help Cougar. He chases the MiG away, then flips upside down, and slowly lowers his plane above the cockpit of the MiG.
  • Maverick, laughing, says "greetings," gives the MiG pilot the finger, and Goose takes a Polaroid.
  • The MiG pilot leaves, and everything seems alright, but Cougar is clearly shaken.
  • Maverick doesn't quite realize this yet, and he heads back to the carrier because he's low on fuel.
  • While landing, he realizes that Cougar is too messed up to land, and he takes off again after touching down.
  • He has disobeyed Stinger's orders to land and stay on ship.
  • Maverick finds Cougar, and coaches him back to the aircraft carrier. Cougar is still in a daze, and we can hear Merlin telling him that their plane is too low to land.
  • At the last minute, Cougar pulls up and lands, barely avoiding what would have been a tragedy.
  • Landing on an aircraft carrier at night is one of the most difficult things to do, even for experienced pilots.
  • Here, see for yourself.

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