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Top Gun Scenes 31-32

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Scenes 31-32

Scenes 31-32

Scene 31

  • Maverick and Charlie are approaching in Charlie's car. She's driving. 
  • They pull over, and exchange a few words (Maverick still can't figure it out).
  • She says she's there if he needs her. It looks like he's at one of the Top Gun school buildings.
  • We see Goose's wife, sitting in a very comfortable chair, her son in the chair in front.
  • Maverick enters, goes into Goose's room, and starts picking up some stuff: his sunglasses, a picture of him and Maverick, his dog tags.
  • He tries to go into the room where Goose's wife is, but he can't do it and breaks down against the door.
  • Finally, he gets it together and goes in to be with her.
  • She says through her tears, "God he loved flying with you Maverick." Then she gets up and hugs him.
  • Goose would have flown without Maverick, she says. 
  • This seems to be her way of saying Maverick needs to keep at it, even without his partner in crime, Goose.

Scene 32

  • Maverick is in what looks like a small courtroom. A Navy official declares that the F-14 crash was caused by a "disruption of airflow into the starboard engine."
  • He goes into more detail, but the final verdict is the key point: Maverick is not at fault.
  • He is restored to "flight status" and can go back up anytime.
  • Some ominous, 80's synth music starts playing as Maverick leaves.
  • Viper and Jester are at the back of the room.
  • Viper leans over to Jester and says, "Get him up flying, soon."
  • Well okay then Viper.

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