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Top Gun Scenes 33-34

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Scenes 33-34

Scenes 33-34

Scene 33

  • We see Maverick in the cockpit, putting his mask again. The same synth music from the previous scene is still playing.
  • The camera zooms in close on Maverick's eyes, and soon we're up in the air again. Maverick is flying with Sundown, who is telling Maverick to "engage," i.e. try to get his opponent in missile lock
  • Jester, the opponent, is also trying to get Maverick to engage.
  • Finally, Maverick breaks away, and Sundown can't believe it.
  • Maverick says it's not good, that the shot doesn't look good.
  • It's totally an excuse. Maverick seems to have lost his edge.
  • Back on the tarmac, Sundown is hollering at Maverick as they walk away from the plane.
  • Finally, Maverick can't handle it, and he turns and grabs Sundown and says he will fire when he's "goddamn good and ready."
  • Iceman and Slider see the whole thing go down. They know something's up.
  • We see Jester deplane as well. He approaches Viper, who is also watching.
  • Jester says Maverick can't back into it. Viper says it's only been a few days, and to keep sending Maverick up.

Scene 34

  • We're in the locker room we've come to know so well. Maverick is gathering his things. Iceman comes in.
  • After an awkward silence, Iceman… breaks the ice. (Sorry, we couldn't resist.)
  • He tells Maverick (he calls him "Mitchell") he's sorry about Goose. After a few more sentences that make it clear Iceman doesn't know how to do this stuff, he says sorry again and leaves.
  • The camera shifts angles, and we see Wolfman sitting behind a locker as Maverick gathers a large duffle bag and walks out.
  • In the very next frame, Wolfman is on the phone with somebody. He breaks the big news: Maverick has just quit Top Gun.
  • Whoa.

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