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Top Gun Scenes 35-36

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Scenes 35-36

Scenes 35-36

Scene 35

  • We're inside a restaurant at or near the airport. Charlie comes in.
  • Maverick is sitting at the bar, his hands on his head, his eyes closed. She asks if she can sit down.
  • Apparently, Maverick is about to leave, and hasn't even bothered to say bye to Charlie.
  • Big no-no, buddy.
  • He's heard that she got the job in Washington, and congratulates her. She wasn't going to leave without saying goodbye though.
  • Maverick doesn't have a ticket, and he has no idea where he's going. Charlie points this out.
  • She reminds him that the accident wasn't his fault, and tries to get him to see things from the right perspective.
  • Maverick is pretty much unreachable, and he reiterates the fact that "it's over," for him.
  • He's already left, mentally, Charlie points out. It's clear Maverick hasn't "learned a damn thing," she says.
  • She pretty much calls him a quitter, gets up, and says goodbye.

Scene 36

  • The somber music from the last few scenes is still playing as Maverick rings a doorbell. A middle-aged women lets him in.
  • She tells him to make himself comfortable and "Mike" will be right down. Hmmm, is this Viper's house?
  • Maverick looks at all the old photos on the walls. Viper comes in behind him, and immediately tells him that he flew with his (Maverick's) father.
  • Viper tells him that he's a lot like his father, only better, and worse. His father was one heroic dude.
  • Maverick's interest is piqued, and he asks Viper if his father really did do things right? Yep, Viper says.
  • They walk outside, and Viper gets right down to brass tacks, asking Maverick if he flies the way he does because he's trying to prove something.
  • The Top Gun theme starts playing.
  • Viper tells Maverick the truth about his father. It's classified, and it could end Viper's career, but he knows Maverick needs to hear it.
  • His father's jet was hit, and he could've made it back, but instead saved three other planes and then crashed.
  • The story was classified because the battle happened "over the wrong line on some map."
  • Maverick asks Viper about his options. He's reconsidered.
  • Viper says he has enough points to graduate the next day with his class if he wants. He can also quit.
  • They chat a little more, and Viper tells Maverick the truth: he feels responsible for Goose, and has a confidence problem.
  • He needs to learn from his mistakes.
  • Either way, the choice is his.
  • Maverick thanks him. They shake hands, and Maverick leaves.

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