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Top Gun Scenes 37-38

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Scenes 37-38

Scenes 37-38

Scene 37

  • Maverick rides by Charlie's place, but the "For Rent" sign shows that she's already checked out.
  • Maverick is flustered, and leaves her place.
  • In the next frame, he's sitting on his motorcycle, watching an F-14 land. 
  • It's just becoming night.
  • He's pondering.

Scene 38

  • This is clearly the Top Gun graduation ceremony. It's by a pool somewhere. People are clapping.
  • Jester starts to talk about Top Gun. Some of the guys are wondering about Maverick.
  • In the next shot, the celebration has already started. Maverick shows up, and congratulates Iceman and Slider.
  • Viper interrupts to let them know that there is a crisis situation and some of the guys need to leave immediately: Ice, Slider, Hollywood, Wolfman, and Maverick.
  • Viper lets Maverick know that he'll get his flying partner (RIO) when he gets to the aircraft carrier.
  • If he doesn't, though, he can call Viper, and he'll fly with him.
  • That's a big deal. The big, bad Viper will fly with Maverick.

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