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Top Gun Scenes 39-40

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Scenes 39-40

Scenes 39-40

Scene 39

  • We're in a smoky and, it appears, very warm briefing room. Our old friend Stinger is telling the pilots about a situation.
  • A ship has wandered into hostile territory, and the pilots will be providing air support.
  • There are enemy planes near, and they're carrying dangerous missiles. The pilots are to fire if they "witness a hostile act."
  • Iceman and Hollywood are going up first. Maverick will be on standby as backup.
  • As the men begin to file out, Iceman expresses some reservations about Maverick.
  • Stinger knows Maverick is okay, and tells him: "I know what's on your mind Kazansky just get on it."

Scene 40

  • In a throwback to the opening scene, we see planes taking off (probably Iceman and Hollywood).
  • As the Top Gun theme plays, Maverick walks over to his jet, checks his missiles, and gets in, waiting for takeoff.

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