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Top Gun Scenes 43-44

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Scenes 43-44

Scenes 43-44

Scene 43

  • In the locker room, Maverick is getting his stuff together, and Stinger comes in.
  • He asks Maverick how it feels to be on the front page of every newspaper. Apparently, the Navy is giving him his choice of jobs.
  • Maverick says he's thinking about becoming an instructor.
  • Stinger blows a puff of smoke out of his mouth (he always has his cigar), and says: "Top Gun!?"
  • Maverick assents, and Stinger says, "God help us," and laughs as he departs.

Scene 44

  • Back in Miramar, a.k.a. Fightertown, USA. Maverick is sitting at a bar. We see a hand put money in a jukebox.
  • "You've Lost that Loving Feeling" starts playing again. Maverick's interest is piqued, and he approaches the jukebox.
  • We see Charlie over Maverick's shoulder, and she says "Hello Pete Mitchell." They start repeating lines they both used during their courtship.
  • Maverick starts out by saying it could be complicated. She smiles, and they approach each other.
  • He puts his hands on her face, and is about to kiss her as the scene closes.
  • We see the guys from the film, and the names of the actors and their characters as the film ends.

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