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Top Gun Scenes 5-6

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Scenes 5-6

Scenes 5-6

Scene 5

  • Cougar, who is so covered in sweat he looks like he just got out of the tub, knocks on Stinger's door.
  • Stinger asks why he isn't in sickbay, and Cougar tells him that he almost orphaned his wife and child, who he has never met yet (the kid, not the wife).
  • He was more afraid than he has ever been in his life.
  • "I'm holding on too tight. I've lost the edge," he tells Stinger. After that, he turns in his wings, effectively resigning.
  • Stinger can't believe it. 
  • Maverick and Goose are waiting outside the office. Goose calls out to Cougar, who turns around and thanks Maverick for helping them.
  • Maverick and Goose are railroaded about half a second after entering Stinger's office.
  • While Stinger agrees Maverick did a brave thing, he should have listened to orders and stayed on ship.
  • "Your ego is writing checks your body can't cash," he scolds Maverick.
  • Stinger is really irritated, and he just keeps getting angrier.
  • He lists off a litany of Maverick's recent offenses (tower fly-by's among them).
  • Goose mouths something to Maverick, Stinger comes up behind them, and brings up Maverick's checkered family history ("Let's not bulls*** Maverick, your family name ain't the best in the Navy") before getting to the heart of the matter.
  • Stinger has to send two guys to Miramar, to the elite fighter pilot school Top Gun.
  • Stinger is really annoyed. Cougar was number one, but since he turned in his wings, Maverick and Goose are now the top guns.
  • Stinger can't stand it that he has to send these two guys, and he gives Maverick one last colorful warning before they leave. 
  • "Danger Zone" plays again in the background.
  • What danger zone are Maverick and Goose about to enter?

Scene 6

  • "Danger Zone" plays, and Maverick is hauling on his motorcycle at dusk.
  • A F-14 is taking off just to his right. Maverick is pumped, and raises his fist, and then accelerates his motorcycle.
  • The F-14 is his hot rod in the air, the motorcycle is his hot rod on land.

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