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Top Gun Scenes 7-8

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Scenes 7-8

Scenes 7-8

Scene 7

  • The music fades, and old video footage of a plane being shot down is shown.
  • A guy is talking about how much better Navy pilots were during the Korean War as opposed to Vietnam
  • The man (Jester) continues talking about the Navy and the origins of Top Gun.
  • Maverick and Goose are sitting next to each other: this is the first day at Top Gun.
  • Jester introduces Top Gun's head honcho, and apparently the first guy to win the Top Gun trophy: Commander Mike Metcalf, a.k.a. Viper.
  • Viper gives the new Top Gun class a pep talk, telling them that even though they are the best pilots in the business, Top Gun will make them better.
  • Maverick can't seem to pay attention, and he keeps looking back towards a good-looking blond guy who can't stop twirling a gold pen in his hand.
  • Viper asks the class if they think their name will be on the Top Gun trophy that's at the back of the room. 
  • Maverick says he thinks his will be, Viper tells him he's arrogant, and then adds "I like that in a pilot."
  • Goose isn't exactly thrilled about Maverick's display of arrogance, but it sure seems like Goose is used to his partner's antics.
  • The scene ends with some joking among the pilots, with Goose looking at the Top Gun trophy, pointing at it, and exclaiming: "No no no no, there's two o's in Goose boys."

Scene 8

  • Hip, 80's music starts playing, and Maverick and Goose enter a nightclub full of Navy dudes in their dress white uniforms.
  • Goose and Maverick approach the bar, and Goose points out the blonde guy from the classroom: Iceman.
  • Goose provides further details, and offer some thoughts about the origins of his name: "That's how he flies, ice cold, no mistakes."
  • The guy who was sitting next to Iceman walks by, and Goose flags him down: Slider, Iceman's RIO (radar intercept officer). 
  • After some good-natured, chops-busting, with just a hint of aggressiveness (Slider asks Goose who's "butt" he kissed to get into Top Gun), Iceman approaches.
  • Iceman already knows Goose, who proceeds to introduce Iceman and Maverick.
  • Things start out okay, with Iceman talking about his relationship to Cougar (they were like "brothers in flight school").
  • Things immediately get competitive, with Iceman tossing off a litany of thinly disguised insults.
  • He's heard Maverick likes to work alone (a jab at Maverick's problem with doing his own thing, even when he's not supposed to).
  • He even asks Maverick if he needs any help. Iceman qualifies this statement by asking Maverick if he's figured out who the best pilot is, but he's really implying that Maverick might need a little tutoring.
  • After some more banter, Ice and Slider leave, and Goose jokingly refers to them as "abused children."
  • Goose makes a bet with Maverick. He must get "carnal knowledge… of a lady this time… on the premises."
  • Maverick and Goose approach a woman Maverick has spied at the bar
  • Maverick starts singing a terrible rendition of an old Righteous Brothers song: "You've Lost that Lovin' Feeling." 
  • The woman, blushing and flattered, invites Maverick to take a seat. Her name is Charlotte Blackwood.
  • She seems kind of impressed that he's a pilot, and Maverick is smiling like he's already got this one in the bag.
  • And then Charlotte Blackwood tells him her friend (read: her date) has just arrived, and that it's been great talking to him. She leaves.
  • Maverick, denied? Really? Really?
  • Now, before we continue, here's a quick little factoid. Charlotte's date in this scene is none other than Rear Admiral Pete Pettigrew, a.k.a. Viper. Yes, the real life Viper, the inspiration for Tom Skerritt's character and the film's primary technical consultant, was rewarded with a nice cameo (and a hot date). 
  • Maverick can't believe it.
  • He sees Charlotte go to the bathroom, and decides to get creative.
  • Like a total creeper, Maverick goes into the ladies' room.
  • He and Charlotte make a few sex jokes before Maverick tells her he's there to rescue her from making a big mistake with the older guy who is her date.
  • Maverick is implying that she make an "even bigger" (her words) mistake with a young guy like him.
  • She has to get up early and heads for the door. 
  • Back in the bar, she passes by Goose and says "your friend was magnificent." 
  • Goose can't believe it, and when Maverick comes up he (Goose) smiles and says "nahhhhh."

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