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Top Gun Scenes 9-10

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Scenes 9-10

Scenes 9-10

Scene 9

  • We're in an airplane hangar, and Jester is in the process of introducing an instructor. 
  • She's a civilian contractor, with a PhD in astrophysics who works closely with the Pentagon.
  • We see her legs as she is walking to the front of the hangar. Her call sign is Charlie, and she's a civilian contractor.
  • Whoa. It's the woman Maverick was hitting on the night before. And she's one of his teachers at Top Gun. Uh oh. 
  • Maverick and Goose can't believe it, and mumble amongst themselves while Charlie talks about the limitations of the MiG-28.
  • Charlie asks if everything is okay. Maverick tells her that the data she is "inaccurate."
    He has seen a MiG do exactly what she just said it couldn't do, but says he can't tell her where he saw it because it's "classified."
  • Charlie tells Maverick she's supposed to know more than him (that's how the Pentagon wants it), and Maverick wittily responds that that isn't true in this case.
  • After some more banter, Maverick and Goose tell bits and pieces of the story, and Charlotte smiles.
  • She heard the story about their confrontation with the MiG-28, but had to pretend that she hadn't.
    Jester says it's time for a hop.
  • Maverick stands up, puts on his sunglasses, and leaves.
  • Charlie catches up with, asks him why he didn't tell her he was a "famous MiG insultor."
  • Maverick is still clearly a little miffed about being rejected.
  • Charlie would love to hear about the MiG sometime. 
  • Now it's Maverick's turn to reject here: "You've got security clearance. You can read about it," he tells her.
  • When Maverick comes up the stairs, Iceman is waiting.
  • "Maverick," he says, "I'm curious. Who was covering Cougar while you were showboating with this MiG?"
  • Maverick assures him Cougar was doing just fine

Scene 10

  • It's the first hop. Jester's voice can be heard—the boys will be flying against smaller, faster, and more maneuverable planes that are meant to simulate the enemy MiGs.
  • Maverick and Goose are locked in "combat" with Jester.
  • They're chasing each other around at high speeds, with Jester trying to egg Maverick on ("Show me what you got kid").
  • Jester is about to get Maverick in missile lock, but Maverick performs his signature move.
  • He hits the breaks so that Jester flies right by (which he does).
  • Jester is really annoyed—"Jesus Christ," he screams.
  • After some acrobatic flying, Jester tries to get below the hard deck (i.e. the minimum altitude).
  • Maverick beats them there, and gets him in missile lock.
  • Jester is really annoyed, and tells them to get above the hard deck and back to base immediately.
  • Maverick and Goose are ecstatic, so ecstatic that Maverick requests permission to "buzz" the tower.
  • He's denied, but does it anyway, much to the tower controller's dismay (he spills his coffee all over himself).

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